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The Kingdom of Cumbria (or Cumbria for short) is a smaller monarchy in the southern part of the Arcanum continent, located between its northern neighbour, The Unified Kingdom, its smaller southern neighbour, the Kingdom of Arland, and the Stonewall Range to the west. The country is a more old-fashioned monarchy and its largest city and capital is Dernholm.

Cumbria is well-known for its strong traditionalist streak, preferring to utilise more old-fashioned, pre-industrial technology and magick in their running of the state, economy, military and day-to-day affairs. Until relatively recently, an important military and aristocratic institution in Cumbria were the Dragon Knights.

In recent times, Cumbria has gone through a very traumatic period in its history. Several decades before the beginning of the game's storyline, during the period of the Great Wars between the Unified Kingdom and Cumbria, the Unified Kingdom scored a series of devastating military victories on the more traditionalist Cumbria, greatly decimating its armies and nobility and even annexing some of its northern territories. Cumbria lost many of its knights and aristocrats, determined to fight with pre-industrial and magickal weapons only, to the Unified Kingdom's gun-wielding mercenary cavalry and concentrated volley fire by artillery and musket-wielding infantry. Face to face with the latest weaponry, not even the time-tested magickal abilities and warrior ethos of the Cumbrian knights could stand a chance against the industrialised standing armies of the Unified Kingdom.

Since the humiliating peace with the UK, in the aftermath of the Wars, Cumbria has fallen into severe socio-economic decline. The bitter legacy of the wars between the two states and of Cumbria's defeat has further fueled the Cumbrian monarchy's continued resentment towards any modern technology. In Dernholm, the capital, there are laws against the use of industrial technology, and any locals or foreigners openly promoting or using industrial technology in public face the risk of getting arrested by the authorities. As an extension of the traumatic defeat, Cumbria's current king and government also have a tendency to be distrustful towards outsiders (especially those who come bearing technological gifts).

Jayna Stiles, a resident of Dernholm, outright decries Cumbrian stubborness towards adopting newer science and technology as harmful to Cumbrian people in the long term. As a medical doctor, she has often been unsuccesful with healing the sick and injured, due to the country's government shunning more modern medicine and medical procedures.


The known settlements of Cumbria.


In the real world, Cumbria is a ceremonial county and more sparsely populated region of northwestern England. It is well known for its mountainous areas and national park, containing some of the largest unspoiled wilderness in an otherwise densely populated country transformed by human industries. In this sense, the name choice for the fictional kingdom seems fairly apt, as the fictional Cumbria prefers tradition and is more rural than its increasingly industrialised northern neighbour.

Another possible real world analogy to Cumbria, though somewhat looser, is Wales. There are parallels to Wales in Cumbria's political and military history (a country undergoing gradual annexation by a larger neighbour), geography (a more rural country, with a "wilder" landscape) and even some of its cultural tradition (Wales is the birthplace of the Arthurian Mythos, and the romantic reverence Cumbrians have for their order of magic-wielding Dragon Knights seems rather Arthurian). Similarly to most historical Welsh flags, Cumbria's flag also includes a dragon as a central figure.


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