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These small, upright-walking creatures possess unusually large heads, split by a gaping maw of razor-sharp teeth. They are thin-limbed and quick, and, when the need arises, they are able to move stealthily upon their heavily padded feet. Also of note is the enormity of their eyes, which is advantageous to their nocturnal nature; kites prefer to both hunt and travel at night. These dreadful little beasts habitually wear little clothing, as their skin is thick, tough and well suited to life out of doors.

The kite dwell within forested regions, existing in small communities of two to seven family units. Hollowed trees and shady glades are their preferred choices for dens, although they have, on occasion, been discovered inhabiting small, hidden caverns. Kite dwellings are well hidden, for the protection of the females and children, who rarely wander far from the den.

Through our observations we gleaned that the kite male occupies much of its time with hunting, for the kite prefer flesh and warm blood above all other manner of sustenance. Although their diet primarily consists of wild hare, boar and an occasional bear, it was our grievous task to observe that elven flesh seems to be a preferred delicacy of the kite. Through close studies of the hunt, we now know that kites are malicious in nature and enjoy as much the sport of tormenting their prey as they do the actual killing.

Should a group of unwary travelers have the great misfortune of being discovered by a kite hunting party, they will shortly become surrounded by the stealthy beasts. As the shadows of evening deepen, the kite shall commence a most disturbing assortment of otherworldly shrieks and howls. This clamor shall proceed first from one direction, then another, as the kite endeavor to terrify and confuse their intended prey. Progressing with much malevolence, the kite will begin to fire barrages of small arrows into the group, attempting to generate chaos or perhaps cripple a party member. When successful, naive travelers scatter blindly in panic, allowing the Kite to attack and kill each individual with relative ease.

One can typically overpower a kite, if encountered individually. Yet one must be on constant guard against discovery by a hunting party. Armed with tiny swords and bows, groups of kite are quick, vicious and will attack without mercy.

We dedicate this entry to our colleague T'na Lor. It is a risk we willingly take, and the ultimate sacrifice of a true scientist, to lose his life in his relentless pursuit of knowledge. Let it be known to all that he died a valiant death that others might have knowledge. This unfortunate event was a tragedy, but sadly, being heretofore unknown, the circumstances surrounding it were impossible to avoid.