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"My life in Arcanum was millenia ago! Such are the lives of gods! But, I will tell you . . once I was a mere mortal, just as you are. [But] with the blood of Bellerogrim the dragon, I used the scroll and became the evil and destructive Kraka-tur! Mighty Kraka-tur! Pillager of cities, devourer of women and children!”
-A conversation with Kraka-tur


Kraka-tur can be found on Island 8 in The Void.


Kraka-tur will regale the player with his version of his life in Arcanum, including his transformation and his battle with Nasrudin. If the topic of Kerghan comes up, he may offer to join the party.


  • Kraka-tur will join as a Special Follower provided:
    • The player is at least level 44
    • The player has an Evil alignment
      • AND the player promises to take Kraka-tur back to Arcanum
      • OR the player has read Kraka-tur's Journal, and has it with them, and offers it to Kraka-tur

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Kraka-tur is a free follower as he does not take up a party slot
  • He will not equip anything in the weapon, shield, or torso slot


  • Kraka-tur only has basic dialogue as a follower

Levelling Scheme[]

Kraka-tur has no leveling scheme. But he is Melee expert and a Dodge master with 5 full ranks in both.



Kraka-tur was a Human who lived during the Age of Legends. He was unremarkable except for an inability to fit into his community. One day he stumbled upon a hidden scroll that could transform a man into a demi-dragon. Through a series of cowardly events he accomplished that, and went on a murderous rampage. For his crimes he became one of the five recorded creatures who were banished to The Void. As such his tale can be heard from many Panarii sources, and from Kraka-tur's own journal itself.