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His portrait.

Kraka-tur is a creature from the Age of Legends, half human and half dragon. He frequently attempts to make himself look redoubtable and potent, but he is still a coward at heart. The Archaeon claims that his heart was ‘dark and fearful,’ but ‘his fury was only quenched in the blackness of the Void.’ He was formerly a mere mortal, who resided within a small village where he was both ridiculed and belittled just for ‘being different.’ He claims that he ‘may not have always been the easiest person to live with,’ but asked ‘isn’t that the way of strong men?’ He claims that he was scorned because he was a visionary. He also said that he was out adventuring ‘as [he] was prone to do,’ and happened across an old temple in the mountains. There he found an old scroll which described a spell so potent and so horrible that he still believed that it was concealed purposely. Before him, there had supposedly been no man in the history of Arcanum who could have handled such old and powerful magick. He searched for the final dragon in Arcanum (who Kraka-tur describes as ‘the mightiest, most fearsome creature who walked the land’). He claims that he went straight to his lair, and battled him to the death in order to retrieve a single drop of blood. He claimed that it was a ‘ferocious battle,’ but in the end, he was victorious. He says that even as a mortal man, he ‘was very, very brave and powerful[.]’

On the eve before his ‘glorious battle’ against both Nasrudin and the Elven Council, he wrote his final testament and hid it in the Lair of Bellerogrim. He said that he was in hiding, shunned by the world because of his ‘unbridled’ power, and hunted because people feared what they could not comprehend. Arcanum cowered at the mere mention of his name for ten years, ‘[a]s well they should[,]’ he said. He said that if he were given another decade or a millennium, he would ‘rain down death and terror until [his] dying breath.’ He would have done this because of the torment that he was subjected to during his whole life. He was tormented because of his petty size and his weakness. He admitted that he was sometimes cowardly, and often ‘petty, disloyal, and perjurious.’ Every once in a while (‘infrequently, mind you!’ he wrote), he would refuse to pay his debts and he had to admit that he was rarely courteous, and he also mentions ‘strange odors.’ Nonetheless he denies that these are valid reasons to make somebody an outcast.

His testament said that journeys to exact his revenge on ‘this cruel world[,]’ and that he had found the means to do so. He was travelling in north mountains when he had discovered an old magickal scroll. The scroll described a ‘spell of such obvious power,’ that it would not have surprised him if it were hidden away purposely. ‘Arcanum was not ready for such magick. She would be forced to adjust[,]’ he wrote.

The spell transformed somebody into dragon form, granting him all the gifts and powers of ‘that evil beast[,]’ but the scroll also required dragon blood. Only one dragon still existed in Arcanum: the great Dragon Bellerogrim, and Kraka-tur was ‘fairly sure he wouldn’t be very happy about making me a gift of some of his blood.’ Thus, he stole away to the secret temple of the Derian Ka, and had them make for him ‘the most terrible poison.’ ‘[T]he price was high…the damnation of seven generations of my family…but it was worth it!’ He wrote. He had something with which to slay the dragon Bellerogrim, and only had to make him consume it.

‘In the end, it was a fairly simple task,’ he said. He murdered a crippled old farmer and stole his prize bull, which he fed well for a month, and then coated with the poison. He led the creature to the lair of Bellerogrim, set it loose just outside the cave mouth, and waited. ‘Dragons, when they are hungry, think of little else. Believe me, I know the truth of these things now.’ Bellerogrim consumed the poisonous bull, returned to his lair for a morning nap, and expired ‘quite suddenly.’

The man drew the dragon blood, and was transformed into a Kraka-tur, ‘the most feared and terrible creature in all of the land.’ Nonetheless, later Nasrudin and the Elven Council discovered him, tormenting him, and cornered him in the lair of Bellerogrim. He described the smell as terrible, as the dragon was still returning to dust, even after a decade. He asked why they assaulted him, and complained about being outnumbered and the ‘unfair set of circumstances!’ He claims that he had done nothing. ‘Perhaps I can slip out during the night…’ he finished. This journal contradicts his claim that he battled a dragon and indicates that he clearly lied.

He was banished to the Void by Nasrudin and the Elven Council after a colossal battle where he lost his eye. He may be found in the Void and recruited into the Living One’s party if she or he is at a very high level. Additional dialogue is unlocked if Kraka-tur is presented with his last testament (obtained from the Lair of Bellerogrim) or his crystallized eye (obtained from Hadrian the archeologist in the First Panarii temple in Caladon after solving the mystery of St. Mannox).


  • The legendary Polish monarch, Krakus, similarly slew the Wawel Dragon by feeding it a dead sheep full of sulfur. He may have been an inspiration for Kraka-tur.