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"No one can rescue me from the depths of my despair. My lover is dead. He was a kind, noble, and handsome man, but he is gone forever! Would that I could join him! I wandered aimlessly for many days. Not caring for myself, lost in the misery of my thoughts. I found this place while passing through these woods. It felt right that I should stay here with the Gyr-Dolours. They took care of me and for a time I had peace."
-A Conversation with Lady Druella


Lady Druella can be found in a forest clearing that is home to A Lair of Gyr Dolours.

Circumstances and Quests[]


  • Lady Druella will join as a temporary Follower provided:
    • She is rescued from the Gyr-Dolours
    • When she is delivered to Garrick Stout in Dernholm she will leave the party

Special Follower Considerations[]


  • Lady Druella has no dialogue options, and will complain if the player stops in other locations on the way to her desired destination(s)
  • She will interact with Garrick Stout

Levelling Scheme[]



Lady Druella is involved in a love triangle with herself, her lover Adkin Chambers, and the suitor Sir Garrick Stout. The situation continues to become progressively more tragic, unless the player intervenes.


  • If Lady Druella is reunited with Adkin Chambers, then they will move to Roseborough to start their new life together