Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki


Difficulty affects:
1) your experience gain rate in the following way:

Easy: +50% to all experience gained
Moderate: normal experience gained
Hard: -25% to all experience gained

2) to-hit-chance (only yours, neither your followers' nor your enemies' to-hit-chance is affected)
3) critical fails chance (both for you and your enemies)
4) critical success chance (both for you and your enemies)

General sources of experience[]

Killing Monsters[]

This is one of the main sources of experience in Arcanum. There are thousands of monsters in various areas scattered throughout Arcanum and killing them rewards a lot of experience. For each successful hit against a monster you will get some experience. This means the more hits you do, the more experience you get. This also means that if you have sidekicks/followers that participate in combat, they will steal some of that experience.


Almost all of the quests in Arcanum will offer you experience as part of the reward. To level up faster, make sure you try to complete as many side-quests as possible in each of the city areas. You can find out about quests by talking to every single person in the city and choosing different dialogue options or you can use this wiki to find out the quest locations and solutions. Having less than 5 Intelligence or the Idiot Savant character background will make most quests unobtainable, thus potentially making the process of reaching Level 50 on Hard difficulty problematic.

Fast leveling methods[]

Forbidden Pit Method[]

Go to the Forbidden Pit at location 830W 1035S. Enter the pit and kill the 3 spiders there. You can wait for more monsters by waiting one day. Keep repeating the method until whatever level you desire.

Liam Cameron Portal Method[]

A much faster & efficient way to level up is by killing monsters that come through the portal in Find Liam Cameron quest. The monsters spawning through the portal will let you level up extremely fast. However, the monsters are very strong so make sure you can kill them fast.

Ashbury`s Cemetery Method[]

This method is much simpler than "Liam Cameron Portal Method", but it also gives less experience. Zombie spawning indefinitely until you bring the Gem of Malachi Rench from dungeon under cemetery. It is good to use this method before going to Liam Cameron Portal.

Overworld Exploring Method[]

If you travel from location to location in the overworld, more often than not you will encounter random enemies which will attack you on sight. You can simply keep travelling around in the overworld endlessly and kill the monsters you encounter. Some areas of the world map have higher encounter frequencies than others; check WMap_Rnd.mes for more information.

Use Exploits[]

  1. There is at least one infinite experience glitch involving dialogue, that being "completing" the mini-quest for Jason C. Guy repeatedly. See the Bugs and Glitches page to check if any new similar exploits have been discovered and noted, but be wary of spoilers.
  2. After visiting the Isle of Despair, the Mysterious Apparition can be encountered in two ways, either randomly while traveling on the world map, or automatically when the player character reaches the entrance to the Wheel Clan. Interrupting the "meeting" dialogue by activating a hotkley will result in the Mysterious Apparition's random encounter flag not being changed, so it can be encountered repeatedly while traveling the Morbihan Plains. When encountered this way, it will not initiate dialogue nor attack in any way, allowing you to simply kill it. It's level 50 and therefore the experience gain will be high. Do not talk to it otherwise the dialogue sequence may cause the glitch to stop working. Keep in mind that frame drops can occur when it turns hostile because it has no combat animations.

Remove the level cap[]

Arcanum has a level 50 cap in the regular version. This level is easily reached by the middle of the game if you do a lot of quests and explore the world, assuming you play on Easy or Moderate difficulty. There is a mod available that allows you to set a manual level cap between 50-127 to your choosing. The mod is AVAILABLE HERE.