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Liam Cameron's Journal is a book describing his attempts to disable the Void portal near his shack.


Dec 12, 1884.[]

My latest invention is nearing completion. I am having some difficulty regulating the magnetic flow along the conductive path. Yet I am hopeful that I will solve the dilemma shortly. Liam

Jan 8, 1885.[]

I have encountered a strange beast today. It appeared to be a large, glowing light. Yet as I watched its blue glow hover through the trees, a deathly chill swept over me. I left the area immediately. Liam

Jan 13, 1885.[]

Again, I have seen a strange beast. It appeared in countenance to be some devilish cross betwixt an ordinary pig and some sort of bull-like creature. As before, I was able to avoid confronting the creature. Liam

Jan 18, 1885.[]

My progress on my latest project has faltered. The woods are haunted by all manner of strange beasts. I must discover what has happened and try to set it to rights. Liam

Jan 29, 1885.[]

I have found it! After much searching of the forest, I found the demon light from which the beasts are emanating. It appears to be some type of vortex or portal. The beasts come forth from its interior with what appears to be no set order. I have some scrolls to disperse magick on hand. I pray they are enough to destroy the portal. Liam

Feb 4, 1885.[]

Alas! The scroll was a failure. It seems my technological demeanor has become such that even the smallest of magicks will no longer function in my presence. I sustained minor wounds doing battle with a beastly lizard creature. I must design a mechanical means of closing the portal. Liam

Feb 7, 1885.[]

I must make haste! I believe the contraption I have put aside may be my only hope! I have designed a mechanism that, when employed, should cap the portal, sealing it from this side. I need only make a few more adjustments and it will be ready. Liam

Feb 10, 1885.[]

It is ready! I have given it the simple nomenclature Magick Trap. I have made two, one as a reserve. I leave immediately to seal the portal. I shall try my best to avoid the creatures roaming rampant through the wood. If I fail, I beg those who read this journal to return it to my mother, Mrs. Cameron, in Black Root. May the gods preserve us. Liam Cameron