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The Logbook of a Character will record a variety of noteworthy events which have taken place in said Character’s life. The Logbook is broken down into several sections:

Rumors and Notes[]

In these pages, a Character jots down anything he or she has heard which might prove to be of importance while playing the Game.


This section displays every quest the Character has ever heard tell of at one time or another. A quest that has been mentioned to the Character, but not accepted, is given in black. Quests that the Character has agreed to undertake are recorded in blue. Quests that have been completed are given in green, and struck out. Quests that cannot be completed are red, and struck out.


These are the results of particularly good or bad actions on the part of the Character. At times a particularly noteworthy deed may make a large group React To You differently.

Blessings and Curses[]

These are bonuses or penalties given to the player by a higher power.

Kills and Injuries[]

This section keeps track of the enemies killed by the Character and his followers, as well as any serious injuries the Character has sustained.


This section lists the Background that was selected for this Character during the process of Character creation.

Key Ring[]

If the Character possesses a Key Ring, then this section will list the name of every key on that they have acquired.