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Lorham is a Half-ogre bodyguard in the employ of Edward Willoughsby.


He can be first met at the Willoughsby Residence in Tarant; when spoken to he will inform the Living One that Mr. Willoughsby is currently in Caladon on important business for the Tarantian Industrial Council.

After Edward Willoughsby returns from Caladon to Tarant he will follow him to the City Hall.

If Mr. Willoughsby is informed that Heinrick Jenks is planning the assassination of King Farad and Jenks is still alive, he will order Lorham to kill him, which he promptly do.

After the Negotiations with Caladon are concluded, he will wait outside the Caladon Royal Palace with Mr. Willoughsby for the rest of the game.


  • Like Edward Willoughsby, Lorham is technically a different NPC in each location he appears; this is easily noticeable by his level changing every appearance. He is lv. 43 at the Willoughsby Residence, lv. 30 at the City Hall and lv. 35 in Caladon.
  • He can be killed with no consequences when he is alone at the Willoughsby Residence. Mr. Willoughsby will not react and he will still appear at the City Hall and Caladon.