Location: This schematic can be found in the Dredge, inside a chest located where the Grey King and other lycanthropes are.

  • The student of the Master of the Water College in Tulla wears a set of Machined Platemail, to encounter him needs to accept to retrieve the gem of purity of water for the master.
  • Edward Willenbecker wears a Machined Platemail, to encounter him needs to have the requisites for the Firearms Master's quest.

Ingredients: Minute Steamworks + Elite Platemail Requires items derived from the seventh schematic acquired while graduating in the Smithy Discipline plus an expertise level of twenty in the Smithy Discipline and eighty-five in the Mechanic Discipline.

  • Minute Steamworks are sold by Inventors' Shops
  • Armors of every size can be crafted.

Effects: Depending on character's aptitude can increase strength of a maximum of three points.

  • Use by a Magickal character, depending on aptitude's level, diminishes or negates the strength bonus while increasing the chances of critical failure.

 Notes Edit

Machined Platemail bears a notable resemblance to the to the T-51b Power Armor from Fallout, Arcanum's older and more well known post-apocalyptic cousin.

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Machined Platemail