Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

In the world of Arcanum there are two opposing forces, those of Magick and Technology. Technology works with the laws of nature while magick works to subvert it.

Magick works by bending or even breaking physical law, allowing an effect to occur that would otherwise be impossible. For example, when a spellcaster produces a lightning bolt, he is causing electrons to flow from one spot to another. This happens despite the fact that the electric potential of the destination may be equal or higher than the source by the use of personal fatigue or stored mana in some items. The caster through their Willpower has temporarily suppressed that law in their local environment.

Not all spells will cast successfully. There are various means of Spell Resistance that will mitigate or completely block the effects on an intended target. This applies even to "helpful" spells, such as trying to heal a companion who has a high technological Aptitude.

The ways to use Magick in Arcanum are as follows:

  • Magick can be learned from 16 Spell Colleges, each consisting of 5 separate spells.
  • Spells can also be cast from found and/or purchased Scrolls.
  • Magic can also be used by equipping certain Magickal or HEXED Items.