Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

This is an advanced niche build for those looking to go heavy into stealth and espionage using Magick. It's a solo build with maybe Virgil as a mule, or as a bodyguard when doing overland travel.


  • Spells
    • Minor Heal
    • Harm (Conjure Spirit)
    • Unlocking Cantrip
    • Sense Hidden (Divine Magick)
    • Invisibility
    • Charm (Stun)
  • Skills
    • Prowling (max)
    • Pick Pocket (max)

Starting the Game[]

  • Start as a Female Elf with the Only Child background.
  • Take 1 point of Necro White, 2 points of Necro Black, and 2 points of Conveyance
  • Sell your dress at the blimp store, and buy an elegant dress, robes, and boots
    • The Elegant Dress pays for itself early on if you are always wearing it when not in combat; you can get rid of it later once you have money to spare

The Crash Site[]

Shrouded Hills[]



Black Root[]

Dernholm 2[]

Tarant 2[]

  • Do quests or clear sewers or harvest wandering night Orcs until level 15
  • At level 15 add 4 points to Phantasm to get Invisibility
  • This completes the base of your build

Final Thoughts[]

  • See the tl;dr on your goals to finish the build at your own pace
  • Most quests now (like Schuylers, Elven Ruins, BMC) can be done while invisible
  • Some activities may also need Sense Hidden at the same time to avoid traps, so use a mages staff and carry lots of fatigue limiters and fatigue restorers when doing dungeon and cavern crawls
  • Look for quests and items that boost Dexterity, Perception, Pick Pocket and Prowl, like the Ancient Gods quest
  • Your MA should be high enough now to open anything with Unlocking Cantrip (85 MA)
  • Add Mental 1 and 2, and Divination 5 to get to 100 MA to open anything stubborn
  • Once your Perception gets high enough, you can cast Sense Hidden and get the Spot Trap Mastery quest
  • Have fun :D