Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Arcanum has an extensive manual that can be found in the game's main directory. It can also be viewed online.


One of the manual's greatest flaws is that it lacks an index. Below is a custom-made index that may assist the reader in navigating it and looking for specific information. Note that the last three pages (181, 182, and 183) are incorrectly numbered 188, 189, and 190 in the manual.

  • 1 to 2Preface
    This short segment features bits of lore about Arcanum's world, history, and cultures.
  • 3 to 7Chapter 1: Introduction
    This segment is primarily an explanation for the dichotomy between Magick and Technology in the world of Arcanum. Technical details about Aptitude can be found on pages 36, 37, 80, 81, and 84 instead.
  • 8 to 38Chapter 2: Getting Started... In Which We Prepare for the Game to Come
    If one is looking for something specific, they'll most likely find it in this chapter or the next one. This extremely long chapter is about the following aspects of the game (and more): pre-made characters, character creation, character progression, primary statistics, derived statistics, resistances, game-acquired statistics, skills, skill training, technological disciplines, spells, auto-leveling schemes.
  • 39 to 88Chapter 3: Playing the which We Sally Forth to Play Arcanum
    In the beginning of this chapter, one can find details about Arcanum's interface. Further segments feature information about fate points, sleeping, dragging objects, encumbrance, combat, thieving, dialog, bartering, healing, followers, spell maintenance, game options/preferences, and so forth.
  • 89 to 103Chapter 4: A Sample of which We Offer a Revealing Exhibition
    Basic info about the first stages of the game in the perspective of a pre-made character: Merwin Tumblebrook.
  • 104 to 114Chapter 5: Multiplayer
    Information about the game's Multiplayer modes and how they differ from Singleplayer. According to the manual, it is possible to form parties between players in Multiplayer modes via the Join and Disband chat commands. Allegedly, players in a party will share experience points from combat and quests (and likely share quests themselves). Experience points shared between party members are divided equally, e.g. if one player would normally gain 1,000 experience points and three of their party members are nearby, each player would instead receive 250 points. Any party members not in the vicinity of the player gaining experience will gain none. There is other interesting info about how parties function in Multiplayer, such as how NPC followers are not shared between party members and how Alignment is distributed. There is also a section about sending private messages through a special interface assuming the option is enabled before starting the Multiplayer session.
  • 115A-1: Glossary
    A list of potentially confusing terms and acronyms used in the game and in the manual complete with definitions. Examples include MSR, stone, and NP.
  • 116 to 140A-2: Races
    Comprehensive lore about the races of Arcanum.
  • 141 to 161A-3: Spell Information
    This segment features info about Magic Resistance, a table that accurately shows all the spells in the game, as well as a list of spells with extended information. Any spell that can be resisted by stats has this info displayed under "resisted by", and the specifics of this are explained in the segment's introduction. Some info may be incorrect or misleading.
  • 162 to 173A-4: Learned Schematic Information
    Basic information about the learned schematics in Arcanum. The table displaying all of these schematics appears to be incorrect, e.g. by placing Eye Gear as the 6th learned schematic under the Mechanical discipline, just behind Mechanized Arachnid. The rest of the information is merely copied flavor text from the game's schematics and may not be very useful.
  • 174 to 175A-5: Strategy Tips
    Some basic tips to assist a new player with the game.
  • 176 to 180A-6: Credits
    A credits section for Troika Games, including the names of lead developers and voice actors, among others.
  • 181 to 182A-10: Quick Keys
    Various hotkeys that can assist the player in Arcanum, especially with commanding followers and manipulating the interface.
  • 183A-11: Halfling Recipe
    A banana bread recipe.