Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

This build is for experienced users who wish to gain mastery training in all 16 Skills


Here's some mistakes you would want to avoid while making this build:

  • Using an item to raise a stat, then having it wear off while getting the Master quest. For example, I used an Essence of Intellect before going into dialogue with the Gambling Master, it wore off while I was gambling with him and even though the mastery quest was done, it didn't count. Since it's not repeatable and I saved without thinking afterwards, I was stuck on Expert status for the rest of that playthrough.
  • Mastering technological skills first (Repair, Firearms, Pick Locks, Disarm Traps.) This will give you a very high technological aptitude, making it impossible to get bonuses from magickal items, INCLUDING the Dark Helm which will prevent you from lowering your technological aptitude! It is still possible to get all skills mastered, although you will end up with far less Character Points in the end than you would've had otherwise.
  • Not familiarizing with the Ancient Gods offerings. I went for Moorindal's offering before mastering Haggle thus overriding Kerlin's blessing (+4 Haggle among other things.) Since I initially thought this will prevent me from saving a Character Point, I invested another one in Haggle when going for mastery, only to later remember I could've simply acquired Kerlin's bonuses again a few offerings later (it is required to offer to Kerlin twice during the course of the quest, if going for Velorien's blessing.)


  • Race: Gnome
    • The Gnome race will provide you with +2 WP and +2 Haggle. If you decide to use a different race, you may want to spend some time searching for more Haggle and/or Willpower boosting items. Any gender and race combination can technically become a Master of All Skills.
  • Background: Charlatan's Protege
    • This background will give you +6 Charisma while reducing Strength, Constitution and the 4 Combat Skills by 1. You do not need exactly 20 in a skill to master it, so this is not a problem. Feel free to experiment with other backgrounds and see what suits you best. Another interesting choice would be the Mad Doctor background which reduces Dexterity and Charisma by 1 but provides the much needed Perception bonus (+2).



You are going to need Dexterity for Bow, Dodge, Melee, Throwing, Backstab, Pick Pocket and Pick Locks.

  • Agility of Fire (+4/+8/+12/+16/+20)
  • Scroll of Agility of Fire (+4/+?)
  • Gloves of Dexterity (+0/+1/+2)
  • x2 Charged Ring (+0/+2/+4)
  • Staff of K'an T'au (+1)
  • Trapmaker Spectacles (+2)
  • Tonic of Increased Reflexes (+2)
  • Vivifier (+1)
  • Energizer (+2)
  • Blessing of Makaal (+1)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+4)


You are going to need Intelligence for Gambling, Heal and Repair.

  • Essence of Intellect (+10)


You are going to need Perception for Prowling, Spot Trap, Firearms and Disarm Traps.

  • Staff of K'an T'au (+0/+1/+2)
  • Helmet of Yzar's Cost (+0/+1/+2/+3/+4)
  • Eye Gear (+1/+2)
  • Trapmaker's Spectacles (+2)
  • Liquid of Awareness (+2)
  • Vivifier (+1)
  • Vendigrothian Elixir (+2)
  • Blessing of Halycon (+2)


You are going to need Willpower for Haggle.

  • [1] Character Points
  • Race: Gnome (+2)
  • Finger of Mannox (+1)
  • Vivifier (+1)


You are going to need Charisma for Persuasion.

  • Background: Charlatan's Protege (+6)
  • Ring of Influence (+1/+2/+3)
  • Jewel of Hebe (+1)
  • Vivifier (+1)
  • Gypsy blessing (Madame Toussaude, Tarant) (+1)



  • [4] Character Points (+16)
  • Blessing of Ter'el (+4)


  • [2] Character Points (+8)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+12)


  • [2] Character Points (+8)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+12)


  • [5] Character Points (+20)


  • [2] Character Points (+8)
  • Shadow Hand Dagger (+5)
  • Blessing of Moorindal (+8)

Pick Pocket[]

  • [1] Character Points (+4)
  • Light Fingered Gauntlets (+1)
  • Small Oiled Thieves Leather (+1)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+12)
  • Blessing of Bolo (+4)


  • [2] Character Points (+8)
  • Small Robe of Chameleon (+3/+4)
  • Ring of Concealment (+2)
  • 1x Ring of Silence (+1/+2) / 2x Ring of Silence (+2/+4)
  • Blessing of Moorindal (+4)

Spot Trap[]

  • [4] Character Points (+16)
  • Blessing of Halycon (+4)

NOTE: No CP need to be invested into this skill to attain mastery; simply use the Scrolls of Sense Hidden found in the Black Mountain Mines to raise the Spot Trap skill's rank to 20. This is also the regular effect of the Sense Hidden spell itself. If you have the Staff of Kan Tau already, you can use it to teleport between locations (e.g. Shrouded Hills -> Black Root -> Tarant) in combination with FTB running (see Tips and Tricks) to get all three levels of training within the duration of a single scroll.


  • [4] Character Points (+16)
  • 2x Fated Ring (+4) / 1x Fated Ring, 1x Lucky Medallion (+4)


  • [3] Character Points (+12)
  • Race: Gnome (+2)
  • Blessing of Kerlin (+4)


Keep in mind that you are going to need to have positive 40 Alignment for Master training.

  • [4] Character Points (+16)
  • Blessing of Halcyon (+4)


  • [1] Character Points (+4)
  • Potion of Persuasion (+2)
  • Ring of Influence (+2)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+12)


  • [5] Character Points (+20)


  • [2] Character Points (+8)
  • Blessing of Velorien (+12)

Pick Locks[]

  • [4] Character Points (+16)
  • Blessing of Bolo (+4)

Disarm Traps[]

  • [5] Character Points (+20)