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"[The man before you is old, but still holds himself with strength and dignity. He seems to take all of you in at once, weighing what he sees before him.] My name is Maximillian. [And] you've no idea how refreshing it is to hear someone speak in such a noble manner. There were years I believed that there were no men left in this land who knew what Virture and Valor meant”
-A Conversation with Maximillian


Maximillian can be found in his home on the Isle of Despair.


Maximillian's home is uncovered by talking to Norian. If polite, the player can chat with Maximillian about their past history and his.


Levelling Scheme[]

Maximillian is a warrior who specializes in Melee and Dodge.
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  • Melee 1
  • Dodge 1
  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 10
  • Melee 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Strength 12
  • Dexterity 12
  • Willpower 10
  • Melee 3
  • Dodge 3
  • Strength 15
  • Dexterity 15
  • Willpower 12
  • Melee 4
  • Dodge 4
  • Strength 18
  • Dexterity 18
  • Willpower 14
  • Melee 5
  • Dodge 5
  • Strength 20
  • Strength 18
  • Willpower 16
  • Max HPs 300



Maximillian is eldest son of the late King Torren, and the Crown Prince and rightful heir to the Crown of the Kingdom of Cumbria. He was exiled decades ago shortly after his father died, as he did not share his father's belief in the abolition of Technology. The mage council had him sent to the Isle of Despair penal colony rather than allow him to assume the throne. Maximillian soon left the penal colony as he felt no kinship with the wretched criminals that inhabited the camp. He now lives at a small oasis in the middle of the Island, and occasionally dreams of his former home of Dernholm.