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Location: This schematic can be purchased from Gun Shops.

Ingredients: Auto-Loading Chamber + Repeater Rifle

  • Requires items derived from the third schematic acquired while graduating in the Gun Smithy Discipline, plus an Expertise level of 85 in the Gun Smithy Discipline. 
  • Damien Maug, in the Boil, will give you a Repeater Rifle if you decide to side with his clan. 
  • There are only two Repeater Rifles placed in the game: the one given by Maug and the other used by one of the thugs attacking (cough) someone (cough) under the Sobbing Onion. Auto loading Chambers are sold by Gun Shops. 
  • Maxim, in Caladon, for getting the camera retrieved at the Crash Site, as proof that his machines flied, will offer to build a Mechanized Gun after bringing him the requested parts, an Auto Loading Chamber and a Clarington rifle. 
  • One item can be obtained per unit of both components. 
  • During the Donn Throgg quest, one of the guards in front of the occupied building, is carrying a Mechanized Gun. 

Effects: Causes additional Fire damage.

Mechanized Gun.jpg