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"I need to speak with you, friend . . . [but] not here. Meet me here [He points to a place on your map.] There's a few things I have to tell you before we continue this journey. And come alone . . . if you don't, I won't be around. You understand?"
-Vollinger at T'sen-Ang

"Meet with Vollinger" is a side-quest that you may come across after concluding business in T'sen-Ang.



  • While in in T'sen-Ang, the party may come across a human man named Gideon Laier.
  • If the encounter does not go well, then Laier will be killed.
  • If this occurs, then Vollinger will stop the group right after they leave T'sen-Ang.
  • Vollinger will then tell the player he has something that he wishes to discuss alone.
  • He will then mark the map with the meeting place and depart the area.

The Meeting Place[]

  • Vollinger's Meeting Place is a small house in the wilderness.
  • If the player brought the rest of the party then the need to wait outside of the house.
  • The player can then go inside, and find a trap door to the cellar to go through.

The Cellar[]

  • If the player is not alone, then the cellar will be empty.
  • If the player is alone, then Vollinger will tell them that he is a Molochean Hand assassin set to spy on them.
  • And that with Gideon Laier dead, Vollinger must now kill the player to fulfil the contract.
  • Vollinger will then attack the player with the help of a level 30 pure Melee-Dodge Half-ogre and Dwarf in a fight to the death.


  • The game uses an Alternate Version of Vollinger for this encounter.
  • And through an Exploit, this version can be recruited if a fight is averted.