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Melee skills influence a character's ability to land a damaging blow when boxing or striking with a weapon in hand. This skill is dependent upon dexterity (DX).

  • Melee apprentice: the character's speed with a melee weapon is increased by 5.
    • Melee apprentice training can be undertaken as early as the first town visited – Shrouded Hills.

      Trainer: any guard in any city.
  • Melee expert: the character is unaffected by lighting penalties.
  • Melee master: the character cannot critically fail with a melee weapon.
    • Trainer: Sir Garrick Stout, Dernholm.
    • The master quests for dodge and melee are related. If planning to do both, it's best to talk to the dodge master (and accept his quest) before talking to the melee master. The spoiler-free reason being the masters hate each other and taking the Melee master quest first makes it very difficult to get both.
    • To receive master training Sir Garrick Stout asks the Living One to find his beloved, Lady Druella. Go to the location Lair of Gyr Dolours (Stout will mark the location on the map). The dolour can freeze opponents, but otherwise they're easy to kill. Once Lady Druella has been woken, talk to her and formulate a plan for killing Stout; kill Stout after receiving training. Be sure to get the cure blindness potion from Lady Druella before leaving.

Melee weapons[]