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The Skill of Melee influences a character's ability to land a damaging blow when boxing or striking with a weapon in hand. Melee level is dependent upon Dexterity (DX).


  • Melee Apprentice: The character's speed with a melee weapon is increased by 5
    • Trainer: Any guard in any town or city.


  • Does direct damage in combat
  • Can be used to destroy some objects and locked items

Modifiers to Melee[]

  • Items
    • None


  • An attacking player's Melee rank is compared to the target's Armor Class
  • A calculation is made to determine that chance of a successful strike
  • The "% To Hit" equation is : %TH = (20M+25) - AC[.1(M+1)], where M = the attacker's Melee Rank and AC is the defender's AC
  • Any "% TH" modifiers are then added and/or subtracted
  • Then the roll is made
    • If Melee fails, then the attacker misses
    • If Melee critically fails, then the attacker or their equipment is damaged in some way
    • If Melee succeeds, then a normal damage roll is made
    • If Melee is a critical success, then the attacker does addition damage and/or stuns the opponent