Location:The schematic is inside a heavily trapped black chest in one of the middle rooms of the southern part of the inferior level that can be accessed through the passages on the right and on the far right of the stairs conducting to the Royal Hall.

Ingredients: Corrosive acid + Mind Marvel

Requires items derived from the fourth schematic of the Chemistry Discipline and the fifth schematic of the Therapeutics Discipline plus an expertise level of seventy in the Chemistry Discipline and eighty-five in the Therapeutics Discipline, corrosive acid is sold in Inventors' Shops.

Effects: What the Inhibitor does is halve the opponent's Willpower. It works on all non-animal non-mechanical NPCs regardless of their aptitude, though it it obviously most useful against mages. In other words, it is effectively the tech equivalent of Drain Will, but has one major advantage over it - it ignores immunity to willpower halving coming from WP 20+.

Mental Inhibitor
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