Merwin Tumblebrook is one of twelve pre-made player characters, available to players of Arcanum from the "Pick Character" selection screen, under the "New Game" option in the main menu.

Merwin is a male halfling, a survivor of the mysterious attack on the IFS Zephyr and the airship's subsequent crash landing.

Stats Edit

  • Stats:
  • Carry Weight: 2500
  • Damage Bonus: -2
  • AC Adjustment: 0
  • Speed: 10
  • Heal Rate: 3
  • Poison Recovery: 8
  • Reaction Modifier: -7

Biography Edit

Merwin Tumblebrook was raised in a small halfling town, where he showed a proficiency in various technological disciplines, but was also prone to random acts of theft and pilfery. Although not an evil child, his dresser was often full of the ill-gotten possessions of his friends and neighbours, as well as the occassional gold-leafed religious relic from a temple in the nearby human village. When young Merwin's tastes began drifting to explosives and the contents of the local treasury, his parents thought it time to take action.

Merwin has boarded the IFS Zephyr en route to Tarant, where he is enrolled in the spring semester at the Westrel Military Academy for Promising Young Men. Needless to say, he is less than exuberant over the whole affair.

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