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Custom portraits[]


Adding a custom portrait is possible in both the demo and full versions of Arcanum. The following instructions are intended for advanced users only.

User portraits are indexed from a message file called data\portrait\userport.mes that begins with message 1 (if the folder and file do not exist, go ahead and create them). Each portrait is a 256 color BMP file that is 64 x 64 pixels. Its name should have a three letter prefix which is 2 letters for race and one letter for gender. This prefix defines which race-gender combination of a PC or NPC can use this portrait.

  • Race prefixes:
    • HU - human
    • DW - dwarf
    • EL - elf
    • HE - half elf
    • GN - gnome
    • HA - halfling
    • HO - half orc
    • HG - half ogre
  • Gender prefixes:
    • M - male
    • F - female
  • Special prefixes:
    • NPC - this portrait is can only be used by NPCs, regardless of race or gender
    • ANY - anyone can use this portrait (PC or NPC of any race or gender)
  • Examples (of userport.mes file entries):
    • {1}{ELM1} means there is a portrait named data/portrait/ELM1.bmp which is only available to elf males.
    • {2}{ANYpretty} means there is a portrait named data/portrait/ANYpretty.bmp which can be used by anyone.
    • {3}{NPCbob} means there is a portrait named data/portrait/NPCbob.bmp that is available to any NPC but not to PCs.

Q & A[]

Q: My portrait is named something like ELM1.bmp / ELM1_b.bmp, is the correct size (64x64 or 128x128), and in 256-color, but still doesn't show up in-game?

A: ELM1, ELF1, HUM1, HUF1, etc are apparently reserved by the game. Try changing the number to 01 or 001, etc.

Q: My portrait looks good in the small 64 x 64 portrait size, but the large 128 x 128 pixel portrait in the character generation screen looks stretched out and blurry. Is there a way to implement images of both sizes into the game to avoid this problem?

A: Yes, you can create a 128x128 BMP and append "_b" to its name. So if you have a regular portrait file called


you can create another called


to be used for the bigger portrait.

Some Custom Portraits[]

For more information[]