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Looking to enhance your Arcanum experience? Willing to add some spice to the original campaign? Then try out any of the hacks, patches or modules downloads below. Our assortment of Arcanum modules will keep you entertained for many evenings, featuring adventures both official and fan-made. And some in French.

On this page you'll also find a bunch of Arcanum modding tools. Create your own complex quests and populated towns. Feel free to go to the forums to clarify all your doubts regarding the use of these files. And if you don't know where to start - check out AMTUT (the Arcanum Modding Tutorial) in the modding section.


NOTE: This contains the fixes mentioned below and MORE! This version is only partially compatible with the Equilibrium rebalancing mod, giving some items blank names and crashing the game on equip/use. Some antivirus programs have falsely identified Setup.exe as a virus when it isn't one. You may need to disable your antivirus software while you install Multiverse Edition.

Note 2: Multiverse edition is not merely a patching project. It's a mod. As such, things are changed. For example, pyrotechnic axe damage is changed. Now it also requires fuel to do fire damage. Charged axe uses charge and so on. Weapons are reworked. So, if you want a vanilla experience, go for method 2 (but don't install arcanum equilibrium)


Installation Instructions:[]

  1. Install the original Arcanum.
  2. Delete your Arcanum folder (like ...\steamapps\common\Arcanum\Arcanum if you use the Steam version) OR install Multiverse Edition in another directory like C:\Arcanum Multiverse
  3. Run setup.exe of the Multiverse Edition, set the language to English or Russian and open menu Settings.
  4. Choose text language and cinematics language.
  5. Tell the installer to put Arcanum Multiverse Edition in the directory of your choice, like C:\Arcanum Multiverse
  6. All other settings you can use as you wish. It is recommended to include High Resolution Patch
  7. Press OK and start game installation.
  8. If you use the Steam edition, then in ...\steamapps\common\Arcanum in the file SierraLauncher.ini change one line from Game1Exe=arcanum.exe to Game1Exe=config.exe

Configuration Notes[]

Config.exe (the Configurator) has many options, but these are the most vital.

  • Shut off Software Render.
  • Enable Double Buffer.
  • Use Wine Direct3D/D3D libraries/libs. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to start the game.

Using auto updating is advised. Adjust other settings as you wish.

If the game's main menu looks especially wrong or ugly, change the High Resolution parameters in the Configurator then apply these changes!






Newest Method (as of 2020-09-17)[]

Grab the latest version of the Unofficial Arcanum Patch (UAP) by Drog Black Tooth. (As of time of editing, the latest is version 200611 (2.0.2)).

UAP 2.0.2 already contains the following mods, or features similar to the following mods:

  • High-Quality Town Maps
  • High Resolution Patch
  • High-Quality Music
  • Level Cap Changer (sort of)
  • Cheat Mode / Debug Mode
  • Official Troika Arcanum Modules (DLCs)

Note, mods listed in the next section not listed above may likely be incompatible with the latest UAP.
You have been warned!

Older Method[]

Apply these in order from top to bottom:

  • The High Resolution Patch
    Weidu-based, so follow the directions to set it up for your system. Will allow you to run Arcanum at pretty much ANY resolution, provides an optional "compact" UI and optional high-res fonts
  • [Optional] Arcanum Follower Editor.
    Change where your companions (Virgil, etc.) allocate their points from levels. Note that, due to how scripting works, points are best put in ability scores (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WP, PER) OR passive skills (like Dodge) OR abilities that this companion would have gotten anyway (like Major Heal for Virgil). You can't force a companion to use a skill he wouldn't normally learn. For example, since Virgil won't normally learn Teleport, you can't force him to cast Teleport on demand - even if he knows it and would otherwise be able to use it.
  • [Optional] Arcanum Equilibrium.
    This mod drastically rebalances the game and may be incompatible with the Multiverse Edition mentioned above. If you use Equilibrium, follow the installation instructions provided! Ff you use Arcanum Equilibrum, also use the Level Cap Changer mentioned above since Equilibrium assumes the Level Cap Changer is active!
  • [Optional] Other Official Troika Arcanum Modules (Buried Secrets, Dusty Dunes (and fan patch!), Hellgate, Time, and Woodmir Race).
    Troika made other official Arcanun modules. These are notably smaller than Arcanum's main quest. Put these in your Arcanum/modules directory and select the appropriate module from the options menu before starting your game.

After installing these, you will likely need to start a new game for things to work properly!


Even Older Method(?)[]

You can get most things here:

  1. Patch the game to (Official Patch)
  2. (If you use the version or Steam version, this is already done!) Patch the game with the Unofficial Arcanum Patch v091225
  3. Download "High Quality Townmaps" and install it.
  4. Download Arcanum High Resolution Patch 1.1a and run highres.bat.
  5. Download ArcanumXNoNoise.dat here then put it in the root folder of your game. Ex: C:\games\Arcanum
  6. Download Arcanum universal level cap remover v0.0.1 and run arcanum50patch.exe

That's basically it. You can also try A:WIP (Arcanum: Work in progress) if you want additional stuff in the main game. But I haven't tried it. However, it is not compatible with the UAP!

Arcanum High resolution Patch lets you choose any resolution. You can for example run the game in 1920x1200! It also has an additional hud you can use by pressing F10 in game and some bigger fonts which is useful for high resolutions.

ArcanumXNoNoise removes the extremely annoying looping sound that certain spells had (Agility of Fire etc.).

Level cap remover lets you decide a new level cap (Default is 50 and maximum is 127).

Unnofficial Patch fixes tons of bugs and restores some content. Patch notes located at


Also for all your modding needs you can now have fun with Arcanum Factory, a great tool which lets you modify just about anything in Arcanum. The link is in the Modding and Scripting forum. (


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