Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Looking to enhance your Arcanum experience? Willing to add some spice to the original campaign? Then try out any of the mods, patches or hacks below. The assortment of Arcanum add-ons and variants will keep you entertained for many evenings, featuring adventures both official and fan-made.

Arcanum Official Update[]

This is the latest and final official update released by Sierra. If you have a base build from disk then you need this patch to make the game playable. The update comes in English, French, German, or Polish.
If you have the Steam or GoG version of the game then it is already patched, and this is not needed.

Arcanum Official Modules[]

There are several other independent story lines that can be explored within the World of Arcanum that do not take place on the main continent. They can be thought of as prequels, or concurrent story lines elsewhere in the World.

Fan Modifications (Mods)[]

Modifications (mods) are fan projects that can include bug fixes, added and restored content, rebalancing, and Quality of Life (QoL) bundles. All the ones listed have been tested, and all are good at what they set out to do. Most have fan communities, and some projects are still active and supported with new content.

Active and Supported Fan Mods[]

Arcanum Multiverse Edition (AME)[]

Multiverse edition is not merely a patching project. It's a true mod. So as well as bug fixes and restored content, it integrates many of the most popular stand-alone patches and adds some tweaks. There are also options during install for customizing gameplay with unique backgrounds, original portraits, new quests, etc.

Mods No Longer Supported[]

Unofficial Arcanum Patch (UAP)[]

This polishes the game by fixing the most glaring bugs and restores a lot of content left out like extra dialogue, forgotten weapons, re-coded schematics, etc. It also bundles many of the most popular stand-alone patches. The final update (2.02) bundles several of the Official DLC modules as well, plus some optional beta content.

Arcanum:WIP (A:WIP)[]

This has the standard bug fixes. some restored content, new scenery and art objects, and several new backgrounds and portraits. It also adds in about 30+ new locations, including the merging of Vormantown.

Arcanum Equilibrium Rebalance Mod (Equilibrium)[]

This basically rebalances everything from the top down, and replaces a lot of content: spells, weapons, damage, monsters, crafting, follower leveling, etc.

Polished Carcanum[]

This is a rebalancing mod with a ton of new content like extra locations, new and expanded quests, a new schematics and crafting system, and scaled random encounters.

Stand-alone Fan Patches[]

  • Other Mods and Hacks - There are too many to list them all here, But the Terra-Arcanum download center has many more. The site is very confusing however. They have menus that require many clicks to fully expand. But it is worth the pain of navigating it to get to all of the other cool mods.
  • Site:

Modding Tools[]

We'll be adding more soon

Mod Sand Box Pages[]

These are pages for things that are not applicable to the Official ( game and only apply to certain mods. Feel free to add a page for your favorite mod if you wish.