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Warning: this page contains spoilers.

The Molochean Hand is an ancient, enigmatic guild of assassins that has agents throughout the world of Arcanum. For reasons unknown, they are determined to prevent the Living One from finding the mysterious boy.

The order is led by the First Blade of the Molochean Hand – Gideon Laier.


T'sen-Ang cannot be entered peacefully without a Molochean Hand amulet; a few can be found throughout Arcanum, generally on the bodies on Molochean Hand Agents:

  • There is one at the Crash Site, north of the destroyed blimp, on the body of the dead Ogre bandit.
  • One can be obtained from the body of the Elven City Dweller encountered on the way from the Crash site if fought.
  • Two more are on the bodies of the assassins in Elder Joachim's room at the Inn in Shrouded Hills
  • One can be obtained from "William Radcliffe" the gnome assassin fought on the bridge between Shrouded Hills and Tarant.
  • Amulets can be obtained during random encounters if the Living One is attacked by members of the guild.

If the purpose of the Dark Elves is explained to Gideon Laier, he will see to it that the Molochean Hand ceases to hunt and attack the Living One.

If Vollinger is in the party when leaving T'sen-Ang, he will ask the Living One to meet him somewhere and mark a location on the map. After traveling to the destination, Vollinger reveals himself to be a member of the Molochean Hand and attacks.