Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Chester Miller, the mayor of Ashbury, will explain that he's in a bind, that the town wants to build a statue to Lord Bettington, but that the townspeople can't decide anything about it. If you have at least one rank in Persuasion he will ask for your help, otherwise he will walk to the podium to answer the townspeople.

Inside City Hall, as soon as you get close enough to the podium, the people nearby will start asking you questions. Depending on your intelligence and persuasion, they'll either like or dislike your answers. You'll need at least 10 intelligence for the quest, and more is better, you can buy an essence of intellect from the elven trader and then use it just before reaching the podium. You should have just enough time to answer all the questions before the potion wears off.

Here are the best answers:

a) "It is right and fitting that Ashbury should honor its heroes."

b) "Hierarchical design principals require a central location." ( only if magical aptitude lower then 30 )

c) "An issue of municipal bonds would easily raise the funds."

d) "We will bid the project competitively and take the lowest bidder."

e) "Probably a metal statue of some kind. It will last longer."

f) "Take an inch and you have a mile."

Other answers might work if your persuasion is high enough. If the townspeople like all of your answers you'll receive 2300 experience, and you'll earn the reputation as an Orator of Ashbury. The more questions you get wrong, the less experience you'll receive.

Note – behind the town hall you will find Phineas McGee who will give you a few pointers on fleecing the local townfolk. He will also tell you of his run in with Pollock and appreciated hearing about his death.