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This will be the new page dedicated to non-follower NPCs

Non-Player Characters[]

Within the world of Arcanum, there are hundreds of characters you will encounter. These characters populate the towns and cities of the world, or may be found wandering on their own adventures throughout the game. Many of these folk are prime sources of information for you in your travels, and some may even join you for a time on specific quests or errands. Of course, some may not always have the best interests of your party at heart either, and trust can be hard to come by in Arcanum at times.

Major NPCs[]

Other NPCs[]

Holding A Conversation[]

Dialogue in Arcanum reflects the best aspects of the quest system and character development in general. They tried to make the characters as realistic as possible. The dialogue is conversational and flowing, and when possible we avoid standard banks of the same old questions, and allow the player to pull the information he wants from the character, letting him direct the conversation, and the mood. And remember, you are getting feedback after EVERY response, so conversations can turn around rather quickly depending upon how you decide to treat your partner in conversation.

For more information on how the different races are viewed within Arcanum, visit the Races of Arcanum essays within The World section. 

NPCs Via location[]

Crash Site and surrounding countryside[]

Shrouded Hills[]

  • Constable Owens – cowardly chief constable and mayor of Shrouded Hills.
  • Doc Roberts – local sawbones and the town's real law.
  • William Radcliffegnome out-of-towner.
  • Ristezze – eccentric, if somewhat urbane, junk dealer.
  • Lloyd Gurloes – local blacksmith.
  • Bessie Toone – the now-deceased owner of the Bessie Toone Mine.
  • Percival Toone – son of Bessie Toone and possible owner of the mine, depending.
  • Sogg Mead Mug – drunken half-ogre loitering in the town inn.
  • Gaylinelven herbalist and healer.
  • Jacob Bens – shady bar patron.
  • Jongle Dunne – local alchemist.
  • Hevordwarf savant and steam engine technician. 
  • Lukan the Witless – "elouquent" bandit and thief.
  • Slim Picketgnome shopkeeper.
  • (Shrouded Hills guards)
  • (Bankteller)
  • (Innkeeper)
  • (Bartender)
  • (The Bowen Gang)
  • (Wise Woman)
  • Ol' Bessie – local cow, pride of the town!

Dernholm, capital of Cumbria (and surrounding countryside)[]

  • Charles Dolan – shopkeeper and associate of Jongle Dunne.
  • Lianna Pel Dar – skilled warrior and only child of Warren Pel Dar, captain of the Dragon Knights.
  • Preator – king of Cumbria.
  • Sir Garrick Stout – melee master and captain of the guard.
  • Sarah Toone – daughter of Bessie Toone.
  • Gladys – lonely old woman.
  • Archibald – grumpy old man.
  • Bernard – dock worker and son of Archibald.
  • Dudley Crosston – expert bowman in training.
  • Ruperthalf-orc junk-dealer.
  • Wallowhuman blacksmith.
  • Jayna Stiles
  • Vollinger
  • Tollo Underhill
  • Lady Druella
  • (Cumbrian guards)
  • (Innkeeper)
  • (Bartender)
  • (Bar patrons)
  • (Pit prisoners)

Blackroot (and surrounding countryside)[]

  • Mayor of Blackroot – you guessed it!
  • Garret Almsteadthalf-orc blacksmith.
  • Clarissa Shalmothrowing master and beautiful half-orc.
  • Kietzel Piercehalf-elf bow master on the lookout for missing student.
  • Daniel Hallaway – innkeeper, not too fond of Garret.
  • Mrs. Cameron – dabbling inventor and repairer, mother of the more talented Liam.
  • Liam Cameron – missing inventor.
  • Grünwald – poisoner and hater of orcs.
  • D'ak Taanelf thief and gang leader.
  • Tugal – crazy hedgewizard, owner of fancy statue.
  • Herkemer Oggdoddler – old soldier, veteran of the wars with Tarant and Dernholm.
  • Master Shipbuilder – a really good shipbuilder, hard at work.
  • Killian Drake – expert gambler.
  • Dante
  • Franklin Payne
  • (Innkeeper)
  • (Bartender)
  • (Bar patrons)
  • (Conductor)
  • (Ship captain)
  • Naked Halfling – powerful wizard, player of the ancient game.

Tarant (upper class, Kensington park, city hall, university)[]

  • Edward Willoughsby – chairman of the Industrial Council.
  • Lorham – Willousby's seemingly-gentle bodyguard.
  • Heinrich Jenks – let's call him a patriot and leave it at that.
  • Mathew Jameson – a nasty, nasty little man.
  • Gilbert Bates – brilliant inventor (voiced).
  • Chukka – Captain of Bates' guards and glorified doorman.
  • W. Thomas Moreau – broker in charge of selling a certain manor.
  • Cassandra Pettibone – unscrupulous upper-class twit.
  • Evelyn Garringsburg – lady seeking stolen painting.
  • Polgram – Mrs. Garringsburg's half-ogre manservant.
  • Mr. Franklin – overweight, but suspiciously virile gnome.
  • ??? - his half ogre servant.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Moorland – out-of-town nobles.
  • Laura – the Moorlands' maid.
  • Regina Halster – pinch-faced lady, fond of presents.
  • Castleton – general store owner.
  • Thurstonelf tailor and bar patron.
  • Grant – owner of Grant's tavern.
  • J.T. Morat – master of finance and bar patron (likely a member of the Industrial Council).
  • ??? & ??? - his half-ogre bodyguards.
  • Smythe – gunsmith and gun store owner.
  • Wallowdwarf blacksmith.
  • Geoffrey – inventor, shares a shop with Anna.
  • Anna – herbalist, shares a shop with Geoffrey.
  • Delores Beston – a big, fat fraud.
  • Victor Wright – editor of the Tarantian.
  • Frederick T. Fitzgerald – a self-proclaimed legend, also spot traps master.
  • H.T Parnell – owner of H.T Parnell's museum.
  • Gar
  • Sammie White – a jovial little halfling, fond of insults, master pickpocket.
  • Thom Grakhalf-orc conspirator (?).
  • Barach – owner of a daytime mage shop.
  • Xe'rad – magesmith hexsmith.
  • Zaramin – owner of nighttime mage shop.
  • Jared – captain of the Vermillion Station guard.
  • Benjamin Gershwin – the greatest phrenologist ever.
  • Professor Eakins – adequate demonologist.
  • Aldous Buxington – decent theologian.
  • University Bookseller – pretty self explanatory.
  • Dr Tristan Fenwick – head of the Zoological Society and some sort of master methinks.
  • "Half orc city dweller" – an assistant of Dr Fenwick.
  • Librarian – university librarian.
  • Mr Langley – doorman at the Bridesdale Inn.
  • Doorman – doorman at the Wellington.
  • Wendell Wellington – greasy little gnome, owner of the Wellington.
  • Matt de Caeasar – seemingly just another drunk...
  • "Dark Elf Noble" – a suspicious-looking patron of the Wellington.
  • Gurin Rockharrow – dwarf master gambler, fond of newspapers.
  • Panarii Priest – a priest of the Panarii religion.
  • James Kingsford – the front man of P. Schuyler & Sons.
  • Pelonious Schuyler – the deceased owner of P. Schuyler & Sons.
  • Winston Schuyler – the talkative Schuyler brother and current owner of the family business.
  • Niles Schuyler – co owner and brother.
  • Edward Schuyler – co owner and brother.
  • Magnus
  • Perriman Smythe
  • (Bartender)
  • (Bar patrons)
  • (Bates' guards)
  • (Bates' staff)
  • (Conductor)
  • (Tarantian officers)

Tarant (lower-class, docks, factory district)[]

  • Madam Lil – the proprietor of a house of ill repute.
  • Bunnyhalf-elf kink.
  • Willowhuman youth.
  • Cassiehuman sub.
  • Alicehalf-orc dom.
  • Belle – sheep.
  • Nicholashalf-ogre bartender/bouncer.
  • Female Gnome – lady in the brothel's backroom.
  • Poone – owner of a flophouse bearing his name.
  • Joseph (?) – dwarf stonecutter, makes tombstones.
  • Mr Black – tough shady-looking character, expert thief and fencer.
  • Simon Plough – owner of rat-infested warehouse.
  • Thaddeus Mynor – head of the Thieves Underground.
  • Stanton – head of Stanton Importers, current owner of the Bessie Toone Mine.
  • Cedric Appleby – crappy inventor.
  • Madame Toussaude – evidently the real deal.
  • Rorry Limes – a dirty, dirty half-orc thief.
  • Councilman Braithe (or Babcock?) – member of the Industrial Council, champion of orcish rights.
  • Donn Throgg – charismatic half-orc activist and unionizer.
  • Foreman – head of Bates' factory.
  • Captain Wheeler – captain of Tarantian guard, carries one hell of a machine gun.
  • Charles (?) – dwarf technologist in charge of the Water and Power Plant.
  • (Ship captain)
  • (Factory workers)
  • (Bates' guards)
  • (Tarantian officers)
  • (Orc thugs)
  • (Dockworkers)
  • (Wise Woman)

Tarant (the Boil)[]

  • Darian Maug – cunning gangster, leader of clan Maug.
  • Pollock – brutal gangster, leader of clan Pollock.
  • Milo – perfumed gnome, member of clan Maug.
  • Muggsdwarf thug, recruiter for clan Maug.
  • Miranda Tears – fierce knife fighter, recruiter for clan Pollock.
  • Larrs – poor sod.
  • Caleb Malloy – badass barkeep.
  • Malek Nebbs – stick-up man, member of clan Maug.
  • Treathalf-orc snake man, Black Legion remnant.
  • Mellik Bungertonhalfling junk-dealer with prices just short of highway robbery.
  • Sebastian
  • (Bar patrons)
  • (Tarantian officers)
  • (Thugs/bandits)


  • Mayor of Ashbury – an important government official.