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"Of course! Searching for the "Great Nasrudin". Hah! The "Great Nasrudin". What was so great about him? Damned fool, if you ask me."


A legendary elvish hero who fought and banished Arronax the Destroyer long ago. He is revered by the Panarii religion, and the player character is believed to be his reincarnation. 

However, it eventually turns out that Nasrudin is in fact alive and well, albeit living in seclusion, disillusioned with the things he had done. He reveals that Arronax was his son and blames himself for imparting the elvish sense of arrogance and superiority that led Arronax to destroy the ancient civilization of Vendigroth in retaliation for challenging the elven council's power.

When Arronax showed no remorse for his actions it was Nasrudin who cast the final deciding vote to banish his son to the Void. He was one of three surviving members of the council following the war between the forces of the council and Arronax's followers. Following the war the three council members combined their powers and carried out the sentence.

He is aware of the Panarii religion and tried to discourage the founder, St. Maddox, from that path. Though he didn't reveal who he was, he did hint that he had known Nasrudin and didn't consider him worthy of veneration. Maddox, However, was set in his beliefs.

He knew Raven's mother The Silver Lady in her youth and became a fatherly mentor to her. The Silver Lady would later tell her daughter stories about him, enough for Raven to recognize him on sight.