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Nasrudin's "Resting Place" is found at 721W 1890S on the extreme southern tip of the Island of Thanatos. It is marked on your map after you reach the Thanatos Land Bridge and continue south.



Position 1 is the shack of a very alive Nasrudin.

  • Talking to him finishes the Find Nasrudin quest if given by the Silver Lady in Qintarra.
  • It also initiates several new quests, including to Retrieve the Vendigroth Device, and Travel to the Ring of Brodgar.
  • It may also spawn the quest to Kill Bogaroth.
  • Having Virgil and/or Raven in the party will initiate additional dialogue with him.
  • If Nasrudin dies during this encounter and K'an Hua has not spawned then you are immediately banished to the Void.

Position A is the portal to the Land Bridge.