Negotiations with Caladon is a quest that takes place in Caladon. Its completion is crucial to becoming a master in Persuasion. After the Living One finishes interrogating the elven queen in Qintarra, she or he must return to Tarant and approach the Willoughsby Residence (19 Pickwick Alley). A gnome, Edward Willoughsby, shall exit the residence, and the Living One should communicate with him. After that, she or he must rendez-vous at City Hall (which is in the north-east of Tarant) and recommunicate with him. The Living One should preferably be an expert in Persuasion and have the skill at its maximum level. Also, note that you must have completed the Ashebury statue quest (botching the statue quest disqualifies you for this quest).


  • Head to the dock in the south of Tarant, and ask the ship captain for a ride to Caladon.
  • Go north-east and speak with the civilian, Renard, who is in front of a large structure.
  • Enter the structure, and click on the Wooden Object (podium) in the north-east.
  • To obtain the grandest reward, simply select all of the first dialogue options when communicating to the audience. This requires maximum Charisma. In contrast, selecting all of the bottom dialogue options shall result in total failure.
  • Return outside and speak with the Willoughsby, who stands on the left side-walk with half-ogre bodyguard Lorham.


  • 11,000 gold (maximum)
  • Mastery of Persuasion.
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