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"Edward Willoughsby wants you to convince King Farad's advisors that Caladon should join the Unified Kingdom."
The Player's Quest Log

Negotiations with Caladon is the side quest to become master in Persuasion. Its outcome will affect Caladon Ending.


After the Living One speak with the elven queen in Qintarra, return to Tarant and approach the Willoughsby Residence (19 Pickwick Alley). Edward Willoughsby will exit the residence while talking to Perriman Smythe. When spoke to he will ask to meet in his office at the Tarant's City Hall. Find him there and ask what his job entails, he will mention the negotiations with Caladon about joining the Unified Kingdom and that they need a skilled diplomat.

For Willoughsby to appoint the Living one as Tarant ambassador they must have the Persuasion skill at maximum with expert training and the quest Monument Planning in Ashbury must not have been failed.

Leaving office the Living One will be stopped by Heinrick Jenks who can start the quest assassinate King Farad of Caladon.
Willoughsby can be informed about the plot and he will order Lorham to kill Jenks. If he is already dead Willoughsby can still be informed but the dialogue is brokenSee Bugs.

After the Living One is approved and nominated Ambassador, they will be given a dossier with Willoughsby's advices about the topics of the negotiations and asked to met Renard outside Caladon Royal castle

After talking with Renard, the Podium in the throne room will be interactable. In the corridor before, there are various Caladonian representative waiting, they will offer bribes in exchange for specific requests to be included in the agreement.

Rapresentative Response Requirement Reward
Department of the Treasury There will be not tax levied on Caladon Impossible See Bugs 1000 gp
Department of Transportation Caladon can own and build her own railroads 1500 gp
Committee of Technological Research Bates will be taxed heavily within Caladon More then 40 Technical Aptitude 1200 gp
Magick Consortium Magick users will receive special privileges in many areas More then 40 Magical Aptitude 500 gp
Caladonian Mint Caladonian gold and Unified Gold will be honored equally 700 gp
Caladonian Military Caladon must keep her military indefinitely At least 6 Ranks in Combat Skills 2000 gp
Department of Labor Those people in labor union will be shot on sight 1500 gp
Department of Trade and Export Unified Kingdom members will always pay a toll for their use 800 gp
Caladonian Parlament Caladon will have the same number of votes that Tarant has 900 gp
Department of Agricolture Caladonian farmers will always collect the grain tariff 600 gp

The negotiations[]

After interacting with the "Wooden Object" in the throne room, the Council of Advisors will start asking about the topics mentioned in the dossier.
There are two point counters, one for Caladon and one for Tarant; each answer will increase both counter by a number between 0 and 5.
They generally follow this pattern ( except for the Labor union question where there is no compromise that favor Caladon).

  1. The representative's request, only appears if spoken with, heavily in favor of Caladon or it's disapproved by both sides.
  2. Tarant's best-case scenario
  3. Edward Willoughsby's advice, a compromise that slightly favor Caladon over Tarant.
  4. A compromise that slightly favor Tarant over Caladon.
  5. An Extreme option that's heavily in favor of Tarant or it's disapproved by both sides.

With Charisma 19 the Living one can easily win over the Advisors and make them agree to Tarant's best-case scenarios. With lower Charisma they will need to compromise.

In this table are reported all the answers and their correspettive points.

Question Answer Point for Tarant Point for Caladon
Please specify what Tarant's position will be on the issue of the construction of a railroad here in Caladon... Caladon can build and own her own railroads... 1 4
It benefits us all if Tarant controls ALL the aspects of railroads... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
SHARED ownership of the railroads and stations in Caladon... 3 3
Tarant owns the railroads, but Caladon owns the station... 2 2
No railroads whatsoever will pass through Caladon... 0 0
On the subject of magick and its uses within city walls? Magick users will receive special privileges in many areas... 0 1
We must forget the old ways, and usher in a new technological age... 4 2 / 4 (CH 19)
Use of magick must be regulated, as well as where it happens... 2 3
No use of magick within city walls... 3 1
Magick is a capital offense... 5 0
And what of the technological trade issues, more specifically the economic and social status of Mr. Gilbert Bates? Bates will be taxed heavily within Caladon... 1 0
Bates is a genius...his trade freedom assures Caladon's prosperity... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Bates will enjoy limited trade concessions within Caladon... 3 4
Bates will be treated as any other businessman... 2 2
Bates will have no rights to trade or manufacture in Caladon... 0 0
And the military? What will happen to our army and navy? Caladon must keep her military indefinitely... 0 0
A full dismantling of your troops is a sign of good faith... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Half of the army and navy will serve in the Unified Battalions... 3 4
Unified Kingdom troops will stand guard outside your walls... 2 2
Caladon will permanently be under a state of martial law... 1 0
And what of the so-called 'membership tax' that is placed on all new entrants into the Unified Kingdom? There will be no tax levied on Caladon... 0 5
The heavier the tax, the more Caladon reaps the benefits... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
No tax for 5 years, followed by a reduced rate... 2 3
Heavy taxing for 5 years, then the standard rate... 3 2
Caladon pays double tax. 5 0
And what of the requirement that all Unified Kingdom members must discontinue use of their own currencies and change to the Unified Gold standard? Caladonian gold and Unified Gold will be honored equally... 0 5
An immediate and full change builds a sense of commonality... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Caladon may use her own currency for 5 more years... 2 3
Caladon may use her own currency for 3 more years... 3 2
It will be a punishable offense to have Caladonian gold... 5 0
And what of Caladonian shipping routes--who will receive privileges and concessions? Unified Kingdom members will always pay a toll for their use... 0 0
Free use of the shipping routes builds a stronger economy for all... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Caladon will collect a toll from U.K. members for 10 years... 2 3
Privileges will be given to Tarantian ships above all... 3 2
Caladon will be taxed heavily for use of its own routes... 0 0
What of labor unions? What laws might be enacted concerning them? Those people in labor unions will be shot on sight... 5 0
Caladon is better protected if labor unions are outlawed... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Labor unions will have limited rights in Caladon... 3 2
Labor unions will have full privileges in Caladon... 0 0
On the number of votes Caladon will have in the Unified Parliament? Where do you stand on that issue? Caladon will have the same number of votes that Tarant has... 0 5
Seniority must prevail in matters such as these...2 votes only... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
Caladon starts with 2 votes, then 3 after five years... 2 3
Caladon will always have 1 vote... 1 1
Caladon will never be represented in the Unified Parliament... 0 0
It is well-known that Tarant is dependent upon Caladon for grain, and they make a lot of their money through taxes on exported produce. What concessions will be made to our farmers, who enjoy a demanding market? Caladonian farmers will always collect the grain tariff... 0 5
We must share EVERYTHING for prosperity. That includes grain... 4 1 / 4 (CH 19)
The tariff will stand for an additional 5 years... 2 3
The tariff will stand for an additional 3 years... 3 2
A new property tax will be levied upon Caladonian farmers... 1 0

If Caladon counter is higher then 22, the Council of Advisors will accept the Agreement; if it's lower or equal they will refuse, making the quest incompletable and forsake any reward.
The representatives will reward the promised gp in the case that their request was included in the agreement.

Willoughsby will be waiting outside the castle to evaluate the Living one performance.
There are three different possible reaction based on Tarant's counter:

  • Tarant's counter is lower then 26,
    • A disappointing performance, Willoughsby will imply that bribes were involved and only reward 3000 gp.
  • Tarant's counter is between 26 and 37
    • An impressive performance, Willoughsby will reward 7000 gp and Master training.
  • Tarant's counter is higher then 37

8500 XP will always be rewarded unless the Advisors refused the Agreement.


  • Willoughsby will comment about Orator of Ashbury reputation from the quest Monument Planning.
  • Willoughsby will remain in Caladon for the rest of the game. The City Hall dialogue will be inaccessible, making it impossible for Sebastian to appear in The Boil.
  • If the copy of the Agreement is somehow lost, the living one can still report its content to Willoughsby.
  • After the negotiations are completed, independently of the result, King Farad will be "Leaving immediately for Tarant" and disappear; furthermore, the quest will be botched if the King is killed. Making it mutually exclusive with Assassinate King Farad of Caladon.
  • There is a cut outcome left in the game code. If Tarant's counter was lower or equal to 1, currently an impossible result, Willoughsby would have been furious and wouldn't have given a reward,


  • If the Living one kills Heirnick Jenks in the City Hall, Willoughsby is supposed to reward 500 gp when reported too.
  • The requirement to unlock the Department of the Treasury bribe is supposed to be rank 4 Haggle but it won't work no matter the Haggle rank.