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Nikolai was a Vendigrothian governor. He was one of Arronax's opponents.

During his tenure, the governor considered lowering the levy of incomes in Vendigroth by two coins for every fifty earned. He refuted all public criticism of his decrease by the cabinet. He also considered a bill to prohibit the vending of spirits in the confines of the city proper.

Arronax bursted into his office one day and warned him of severe repercussions if Vendigroth did not cease developing technology. Arronax demanded that the Vendigrothians observe the decisions of the Elven Council. Nikolai informed Arronax that Vendigroth is a wholly independent country. They had never required nor accepted assistance from the Elven Council. After Arronax launched a lecture on the right of elven rule, the Nikolai asked him to leave, but Arronax said that the Vendigrothians would do well to heed his warnings. The Vendigroth Times applauded the actions of Nikolai, a governor whom they have criticized in the past, and once referred to him as ‘esteemed[.]’

After Arronax’s warning, Nikolai allocated the required funds for an anti-mage device (which scientists had already been proposing for months). Nikolai called for an emergency cabinet meeting to devise something new and defensive.

Two weeks later, Arronax returned and destroyed Scanlan’s factory, thereby causing countless casualties, and intimidated the governor again, saying, “[T]his is only the beginning, if you continue down the path you’ve chosen.” Nikolai (‘to his credit’ according to The Vendigrothian Times) still refused to accept Arronax’s demands, and demanded that he exit his office. ‘This will not stand,’ Nikolai vowed. Nikolai was sent to the hospital, and was in critical condition. Consequently, his duties have been assumed by the lieutenant governor during his recovery.