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Noise (NP) is a feature relating to how quiet or loud something is. It usually applies to characters who wish to be stealthy, and to the gear and weapons that they wield.


  • For gear, +NP (noise prevention) is quieter, while -NP is noisier.
  • This is cumulative when wearing multiple items with NP modifiers.
  • For magick gear that shows both, the +NP helps mitigate the inherent noise of the item.
  • Weapons and Spells are rated from Quiet to Very Loud. A “quiet” item can only be heard within about 12 feet. A “loud” item can be heard within about 90 feet.
    • Bows and Daggers are generally rated as Quiet.
    • Firearms are generally rated as Loud.


  • As noted, it is primarily a factor when trying to Prowl.
  • And especially when prowling for the purpose of Pick Locks and Pick Pocket.
  • With Mastery training it can determine how well you can snipe undetected with Ranged Weapons and Spells.


  • Most metal gear with moving parts (Armour, Boots) have -NP values
  • Some special gear that is typically made for thieving have +NP values
  • Not all gear that has an NP modifier has that value listed. Sometimes trial and error is need to find out.

Notable items[]