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The sixth schematic acquired while graduating in this discipline.

Ingredients: Strong Poison +  Potassium Chloride

  • Requires the first Chemistry' schematic, Potassium Chloride can be bought from Inventors' shops.
  • One item can be obtained per unit of both components.


  • Temporarily paralyzes target.
  • Can be administered to any character. (While logic dictates that such a thing shouldn't work on mechanical and undead creatures, it actually does.)

Used as a ingredient in:

  • N/A (You would think that it would be an ingredient in the Paralysis Grenade, but it is not.)

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Potion of Paralysis[]

A schematic found in the laboratory on Half Ogre Island (in the same container as the journal) teaches the player character how to craft a "Potion of Paralysis". When crafted, the player receives a regular Paralyzer instead.

The schematic requires Wine + Strong Poison instead of Potassium Chloride + Strong Poison, so it is somewhat simpler and cheaper. It also allows the crafting of Paralyzers without investing as far into the Chemistry discipline, assuming the player has technical manuals to increase their expertise high enough.

The presence of the schematic inside the laboratory suggests that paralysis was used as part of the half-ogre breeding process.

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