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The Statistic of Perception (abbreviated as "PE") is a character's general sensitivity and alertness to their immediate surroundings. It affects the following:

Affected Skills[]

Derived Statistics[]

  • None


  • The Bonus for reaching a Perception of 20 is the ability to see invisible characters and creatures
  • Perception reduces the distance penalty to accuracy (% To Hit) for Ranged Weapons (Bow, Throwing, and Firearms). E.g. if a character with Perception = 10 is firing a revolver to point-blank target having 19% To Hit chance, they will still have 19% to Hit Chance from 5 hexes away, but will start receiving a distance penalty of 5% for each square, so 14% from 6 hexes away, 9% from 7 hexes away and so on. Each 2 points of Perception negate a 5% penalty of one square, so with Perception 12 it's 19% change To Hit from 6 hexes away.
  • Marks make a Perception check vs Skill level if a character is


    • Eyeglasses gives +1 (PE<7) or else removes -1
    • Most armored Helmets remove -1, especially if not listed above
  • Races
    • None