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Persuasion provides extra dialogue branches with NPCs, and gives additional flexibility when dealing with Followers. The Skill level is dependent upon Charisma (CH).


  • Persuasion Apprentice: Followers will wait for the player longer than normal
    • Trainer: Most shop owners


  • With Persuasion being one of the major stats for NPC dialogue, that entire list has been moved to its own page, sorted by location
  • For uses with Followers, see Training above

Modifiers to Persuasion[]

  • Races
    • None


  • Starting a conversation with an NPC initiates a check of the players persuasion
  • Certain dialogue branches may become available based upon the persuasion value
  • The affects with followers is passive and automatic


  • Sometimes additional dialogue requires a combination of Persuasion and another Stat like Intelligence or Beauty