This Skill allows one to open locks without the use of the appropriate key. A critical failure in the use of this Skill will jam the lock. This renders the door inoperable and forces the player to destroy the door if they wish to get past.

The character must have lockpicks in his or her possession, in order to use this skill.

This skill is dependent upon your dexterity(DX).

  • Pick lock Apprentice pick lock action takes half as much time
    • Trained by: Blacksmiths, Junk Dealers
  • Pick lock Expert the Character is unaffected by light penalties
    • Adam Maxwell (Caladon), Garret Almstead (Black Root)
  • Pick lock Master the penalty based on the lock's difficulty is halved
    • J.T. Morgan (Caladon)

To start the Mastery quest you have to find R.L. Morgan (Roseborough). She will tell you that her son J.T is locked up in Caladon's prison and will ask you to get him his tools. The prison is inside the police department; at night the guard falls asleep so you can sneak past him. Once you are inside, you can either go stealthy, or ram your way through — it does not matter. J.T. Morgan will train you as soon as you deliver him tools.

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