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The Skill of Picking pockets allows the character to add and remove items from the inventory of another person. Pick Pocket level is dependent upon Dexterity(DX).



  • Removing from a Mark's inventory:
    • To acquire rare, unique, or expensive items for one's personal use
    • To get keys for locked items
    • To take documents, or items needed for a quest
    • To directly disarm a Mark, or indirectly by confiscating ammunition for their weapon
  • Planting items on a Mark
    • To frame them with incriminating evidence of a crime
    • To passively incapacitate them, usually with a Hexed item
    • To give them an inferior weapon compared to their bare-handed combat speed and damage

Modifiers to Pick Pocket[]

  • Blessings
    • Bolo gives +4/20
    • Velorien gives +12/20 (Overrides Bolo's Blessing)
  • Races
    • None


  • Interacting with a Mark is similar to trading with a Follower or looting a corpse
  • Gold can be taken at 100 pieces per attempt
  • Other Stackable Items like Ammunition are taken at 20 units per attempt
  • Smaller items are easier to transfer than larger items
  • Unequipped items are easier to remove than equipped items
  • Planted items always go into a Mark's inventory, though they may self-equip them
  • If the Mark is "unaware" due to the player using Prowling, then the chance of success increases
  • The attempt is calculated by comparing the Pick Pocket level to the item's size and location (an item in a mark's inventory is much easier to Pick Pocket then if the same item is equipped)
    • If the attempt fails, then the Mark makes a Perception check
    • If the Mark's check succeeds, then the player is caught and the Mark becomes hostile
    • If the attempt critically fails, then the player is always caught
    • If the attempt succeeds, then the item or units are transferred


  • Pick Pocketing Good players can cause a loss of alignment, and a rebuke from some good followers
  • Players with little or no Pick Pocket skill can use a Fate Point to take any item with 100% success
  • Planting has limited usefulness, as most NPCs will voluntarily pick up items dropped next to them
  • Some NPCs may attempt to pick pocket the player
    • if they get caught then they will immediately become hostile to the player
    • This can become an issue if guards are nearby, as they will always side with the NPC