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"I've got a job that needs doin'. Might be easy, or it might get messy. You never know here in the Boil. I get a pretty regular shipment of whiskey every week. 'Cept lately, one of the gangs been stealin' it. Normally I don't get any trouble from them, and neither one is ownin' up to it 'cause they know somebody's getting' their skull smashed when I find out who it is. I need someone to go and pick up the whiskey for me. I'm runnin' real low."
-Caleb Malloy, owner and barkeep of his eponymous pub


This is a quest that you can come across early on while initially exploring Tarant's southern district, the The Boil.


The Boil[]

  • When chatting with Caleb Malloy in his pub, he will explain the geography of The Boil and how the gangs (or Clans) operate.
  • If the player is unwilling to commit to joining one of the gangs, then Caleb can offer them some neutral work
  • This is to retrieve a scheduled whiskey delivery that has been getting waylaid of late by one of the gangs
  • Caleb's delivery boy is stalled on Garillon Bridge, so the party needs to go there to make the pickup

Garillon Bridge[]

  • The player can find Caleb's boy (actually Dwarf) on the bridge between The Boil and Tarant
  • The party will get jumped by a rival gang as they approach. This may happen before or after actually getting the whiskey.
  • Regardless of order, dispatch the gang and take possession of the whiskey

The Boil[]

  • Return to the pub and give Caleb the Whiskey
  • He will give you his thanks, and a reward of 500 gp and 3100 exp


  • If Caleb's delivery boy gets spooked during the battle, then just come back an hour or two later when he's calmed down to get the the whiskey
  • If he happens to die during the battle, then just loot his corpse for the whiskey afterwards; Caleb won't ask about any details