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"For those lacking the patience to endure the long and complex process of creating a Character of one’s own, the makers of this fine Game have provided a means of escaping this unwelcome tedium. Yes, gentle Player—you can begin your sojourn in Arcanum with all haste! For your personal convenience, a variety of pre-fabricated Characters have been made available, thus avoiding the muss and fuss of making one from scratch!"
-Arcanum Players Manual


The very first thing that must be done before the adventure can begin is choosing the character YOU will play. The fundamental nature of a character is outlined by its race and gender. There are eight possible races, but for some races it is not possible to play a female. For those not wishing to Make a Custom Character, there is a possible race/gender combination for a Pre-Generated Character available to use. This includes a unique Auto Levelling Scheme for each one.


Name Race Gender Aptitude Class
Bel'an T'Seraa Elf Female Magick Forestal
Clarisse Vorak Half-orc Female Technology Physician (Bow)
D'ren Le'lor Elf Male Magick Ranger
Godfrey Castleburger Gnome Male Technology Gunslinger
Horace McGinley Half-elf Male Magick Thief (Bow)
Ker'ee Melange Half-elf Female Hybrid Forestal
Lugard Bloodstone Dwarf Male Technology Gunslinger
Merik Luggerton Half-orc Male Neutral Melee (Bow)
Merwin Tumblebrook Halfling Male Technology Thief
Muck Evil Eye Half-ogre Male Neutral Melee
Solomon Doone Human Male Magick Dark Necromancer
Victoria Warrington Human Female Magick Diplomat

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