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The Skill of Prowling allows a player to move and operate in the vicinity of others without being noticed and observed. Prowling level is dependent upon your Perception (PE).



  • General travel around hostile characters and/or creatures without being attacked
  • Considerable damage bonus to Backstab
  • Increased success to Pick Pocket
  • Allows closer safe distances from lock owners when using Pick Locks and Unlocking Cantrip
  • Can become (and/or stay) undetectable during ranged attacks

Modifiers to Prowling[]


  • A player can determine if they are detected by any NPC or not by hovering the cursor over them
  • Success is modified by:
    • Prowling level
    • The perception of others around you
    • The proximity of others around you
    • Direct line of sight between you and others
    • Lighting
    • Noise (NP)


  • Noise
    • Any gear (particularly metal) with a listed -NP value makes you more noisy
    • Some gear has a listed +NP value and thus reduces your noise level
    • Weapons generally range from quiet to very loud
  • Invisibility
    • While there is some overlap between Prowling and Invisibility, Invisibility won't prevent a mark from becoming hostile
    • Invisibility CAN help a hostile mark from attacking the player, however