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Psychological Treatise On Intolerance is a book in Arcanum. It can be found in the library of Tarant and weighs 30 stone.



By Malcolm Rei

It is a sad fact of life that our instinctive reaction towards orcs is one of dire hatred. Man's strife with the orcish race is more than can be accounted for by competition for resources or by living space. But orcs are not just reviled by us of human persuasion: The elves will go out of their frivolous, distant, and haughty ways to hunt and kill orcs, and dwarves hold no compunctions about a little orc slaughter. The orcs seem the recipient of a universal curse, whereupon they are treated with disrespect and intolerance more so than any other race, barring the barbaric ogres. Orcs, no matter their intent or purpose, are automatically viewed with distrust, contempt, and in some areas, open hostility. This hostility, not confined simply to pureblood orcs, extends to any with orcish blood, no matter how thin. I refer here, of course, to the half-orcs.

The only true misfits in our rapidly advancing world of Technology are the half-orcs. Different from the more common orcs, they are possessed of more humanly acceptable features, and, with an increased cranial capacity, are more intelligent than even the cleverest of orcish chieftains. Yet for these differences, they are seen as worse than orcs in our human eyes. Many humans simply do not wish to acknowledge that a clear-thinking person would willingly mate with the nasty, brutish, and hateful orc species. I realize, however, that this type of mutually pairing is not the most common case by which a half-orc is conceived. It is yet another sad fact of life that the majority of half-orcs are formed by carnal rape of a human female by an orcish male. It should be noted, however, that this proves nothing about the character of the orcish race, for many human males commit the assault of rape, and like orcs, do not limit this act just to their species.

Many of you may remember the infamous "Wool Raiser," that nefarious bandit who kept many fearing for the safety of their sheep and other livestock. It must be known, though, that there are many mutually-consenting and happy couples of mixed orcs and humans! Even though mainstream humanity shuns and turns a blind eye to these couples, they do exist. My wife, who is of orcish descent, and I have been married happily for these past two-dozen years, and in that time she has borne me a pair of twins. It has been in the watching of the development of my two half-orcish sons that I have been able to gather the observations compiled herein this tome.

I shall now begin by giving the reader the stereotypical view of a half-orc, as taken as a direct quote from a recent editorial letter in my local newspaper, the Tarantian: "Half-orcs are violent, quick to anger, and slow to forgive. They are only able to outsmart the dullards, the orcs themselves, and perhaps the occasional ogre. In any rate, a half-orc surely cannot hope to match wits with a normal human. Nor would a half-orc be able to pass as a normal human, what with their ghastly teeth and countenance." While the letter's author remarks about a half-orc's appearance are unkind, they are true. The majority of half-orcs are unable to pass as a normal human, due to their decidedly orcish features. The remarks about a half-orc's temperament are painfully true. Most half-orcs are prone to violence and fits of rage. I am convinced, however, that this violent outlook is due to not only a half-orc's upbringing, but is also directly due to the intolerance, ridicule, scorn, and outright hatred that they are treated with in society. The remarks about a half-orc's intelligence, however, are untrue, as a half-orc's intellect easily rivals that of a human.

While watching my son's grow up, I was surprised at the different personalities they developed. Jonathon was looked after by a doting half-ogre nanny, whilst my other son, Simon, chose instead to go to a mainstream human school. Ogden, our ogre nanny, was very gentle with young Jonathon. As he remained at home for his schooling, Ogden and I were able to teach him many life lessons such as treating others as you yourself wished to be treated, and showing respect and fairness in your dealings in all things. I tutored him myself, and allowed the boy access to my study, where numerous tomes were kept. Jonathon was an apt pupil, consuming whole books and always wanting to know more. He enjoyed various word games and, even as a young boy, was very articulate in his writings. Under pen names, I even allowed him to write editorials to our newspaper, the Tarantian.

Simon's first day of school resulted in my child becoming involved in a bit of fisticuffs, due to a racial slur thrown at him by his teacher. After that, Simon simply stopped going to school, and instead began to explore the more orcish section of our city of Tarant. From these orcs, Simon got a different sort of education, one of fear and desire for retaliation at those who kept the half-orcs so low. He became bitter towards humans, unable to control his temper or refrain from fights. He refused to continue attendance of school again, saying that all he learned was "how much the rest of the world hated him." He went on to suggest that he might as well "hate it back." He was especially vengeful towards humans for "making him feel lower than chamber pot spillage." His hatred towards humans grew to the point where he refused to follow my commands, his reason being that I was "one of them." At this point, Simon was barely fourteen.

At fifteen, when Simon reached puberty, and some of his overtly orcish characteristics began to more heavily manifest themselves, he found that the loathing directed towards him grew, as now there was no doubt as to the orcish half of his parentage, what with his increased growths of hair about his face and eyebrows, his gaining the more distinctive orcish canine teeth, and more importantly, his increased body and muscle mass. Simon put this increased muscle mass to good use, joining one of the numerous half-orc street gangs, and began to participate in crimes too numerous to count. He stopped returning home at the age of seventeen, when I confronted him with his actions. I have not seen my twenty-two year old son for five years. I can only hope he is still alive, and has not fallen prone to one of the numerous occasions of human mob anti-orc violence.

Puberty hit Jonathon less hard. True, he manifested the same orcish elements physically, but since he had a much more reduced exposure to the public than Simon, he did not develop some of Simon's more destructive tendencies at this time, and instead continued his studies. Jonathon had a growing interest at the rise of Technology, and remarked to me many times that he would have liked to follow an education and career in this field, perhaps even attending the Athenaeum itself. Unfortunately, this was not to be.

When Jonathon went out to find himself gainful employment, he was confronted with the same bigotry as Simon. Worse, in fact, because Jonathon applied for lofty jobs, ones that humans felt could never have been done correctly by an "uppity half-orc." The only jobs Jonathon could find open to him were menial ones, not requiring his intellect, but rather his muscles. Having an intellect was, in fact, a hindrance, for Jonathon knew that there was better employment available. As it was, Jonathon was forced to become one of Tarant's many street cleaners. Over time he became bitter, like his brother, as he was forced to endure the jeers of many Tarant city-goers as he carried out his work. He was also assaulted many times by gangs of young human toughs who delighted in "showing him his place." Earlier this year, this harassment grew to a point where Jonathon too has joined one of the half-orc gangs, and, like his brother, has cut off all contact with me. It pained me to see Jonathon so bitter like his brother, and forced to work in such a low position, where his education was wasted. I wish that he finds happiness in whatever endeavor he has now set himself upon, yet I somehow instinctively know that he will find none. If Jonathon had been able to pursue his dreams of Technology, I daresay he would have even rivaled the master Technologists of our day.

This is where the myth of half-orc stupidity becomes glaringly incorrect. Half-orcs are as intelligent as humans. They are only ignorant when no one will afford them the same education given to us humans. An unschooled human may be ignorant, but is not necessarily stupid. Half-orcs are also not ever given access to stimulating or high-paying jobs, but are instead forced into becoming chimney-sweeps and basic factory workers. The reason there are no affluent half-orcs is not because they are lazy, stupid, or unskilled.

There is obviously something very wrong with our human society today if it can ridicule a race of people so talented and intelligent as the half-orcs, purely due to their mixed parentage. Even regular orcs seem to be treated less harshly, for they at least are natural creatures to most humans. A half-orc must seem to be an abomination. But by continuing the oppression of orcs and half-orcs, our society is only cultivating a growing culture of violence, as half-orcs are forced to lash out at a society that refuses to recognize them as equals. Dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and even the arrogant elves are treated as equals, so why cannot our half-orc sons and daughters be treated in the same manner? How can we, as a society, hope to maintain peace in this rapidly changing era of conflicting old Magicks and new Technologies if we cannot even make peace with our half-orcish brethren? I feel that it is only a matter of time before this bitterness and resentment towards us explodes onto a much larger scale that the whole world will regret.