Combine a Feather-weight Axe with Fuel

Pyrotechnic Axe


  • You can buy from Inventor in Tarant
  • There is a schematic in a part of Tarant's sewers, under the Willoughsby residence. It's in a chest guarded by some Mechanized Arachnids.

Information 1
Types of items: WeaponsMiscellaneousArmourClothing
Category: Melee
Aptitude: Technological
Statistics: 1-12 HD, 1-9 FT, 30-50 FD, 10 MSR, 5 SP, 120 WE, 100 QU
Location: Created using a found schematic
Stats (different, maybe because of patch or different Tech affiliation) from mikesrpgcenter:
D: 1-12, FT: 3-9, FD: 30-50 Wgt: 120, Spd: 5, HPs: 100