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Aptitude: Technological

Ingredients: Compound Bow + Fire Obstruction



  • The schematic is found on the first level of the Black Mountain Mines, before the hall with the passage to the lower levels, where the first dead thief is, following the corridor on the right to the end there is a room with a Seething Mass, the schematic is inside one of the barrels, along side with a pair of Machined Gauntlets and an Eye Gear.
  • The fire obstruction is acquired graduating in Explosives, the Compound Bow schematic (and bow itself) can be bought in Armories.
  • Naph'tha, the Fire Master mage in Tulla has a pyrotechnic bow equipped that may be pickpocketed.


  • Causes additional fire damage.
  • Use by a Magical Character increases chances of critical failure.

Statistics: 1-10 HD, 2-5 FT, 20 RNG, 5-20 FD, 1 A, 8 SP, 5 WE, 80 QU

Pyrotechnic Bow.jpg