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Surface Level (not shown)

Enter the canopy of trees and then talk to one of the elf guards to arrive in the city. Clicking on the staircase won't get you anywhere. 

1 - Swyft[]

Swyft will ask you to take her to Tarant. If you agree to be her tour guide, you should set off right away; otherwise, Swyft might get impatient and leave your group, botching the quest. When you arrive in Tarant, you'll receive 1700 experience and 300 gold. 

2 - Winde[]

Winde is Master of the Hunt. He'll ask you to find a missing hunter, and he'll mark the Bedokaan Village on your world map. 

3 - Jormund[]

Jormund is a dwarf wizard under contract to an elf named Wrath (#4). He'll tell you that the contract expires when Wrath dies, and that he'd prefer to end his servitude earlier. If you head over to Wrath to speak up for Jormund , you'll discover that he's been murdered, and you'll find a wineglass with a "strange, pungent odor" to it. 

When you return to relate the news to Jormund, you'll find that the elves have already put him under arrest for the murder. However, he'll recognize that the odor from the wineglass is poison, and he'll suggest you talk to Sharpe the apothecary (#9). 

At Sharpe's shop, you'll find out that Sharpe has left town, but his wife Ivory will talk to you. She'll recognize the poison as something they sell in their shop, but she won't know anything more about. Don't press her on the subject. Instead, wait until nightfall when Ivory leaves the shop, and then open the vase in back. You'll find a poison vial inside. In the morning, talk to Ivory again, and ask her about the vial. You'll eventually work out that Wrath killed himself and framed Sharpe, and you'll earn 3100 experience. 

To clear Jormund , simply go to the elf guarding him and relate what you've learned. You'll earn 2000 more experience, plus a fate point. Then when you talk to Jormund, he'll give you the Staff or Xoranth, and he'll offer to join your party. Sharpe will also appear now at his shop, and offer you a discount. 

Note: If your character isn't able to figure out what really happened, you should still be able to finger Sharpe, and free Jormund that way. Your reward will be about the same, but you won't receive the fate point. 

4 - Wrath[]

5 - Fawn[]

Fawn (aka Kal-N'driel) is the Master Healer . She's also a shopkeeper, but the most important thing about her might be her equipment. She's wearing the Amulet of K'anl-el and Fawn's Bow.

6 - Whysper[]

If you tell Whysper your story, she'll give you Whysper's Gem, which will turn you invisible. Whysper will also ask you to find her some Volar's Wisp essence. Sometimes you can run into Volar's Wisps while walking in the Glimmering Forest, but for a guaranteed encounter you'll have to go to the Old Lagoon. When you return the essence to Whysper, you'll receive 2200 experience and a scroll of succour beast.

7 - Silver Lady 's Home[]

Out front you'll find a female elf named Raven . She runs the day-to-day activities of Qintarra, and she'll be reluctant to let you visit the Silver Lady . To win her over, you'll have to complete a quest to deal with some troublesome humans nearby. Keep talking to Raven about the situation, and you'll find out the humans are camped in a sacred place, and that no violence may be done there. She'll even mark the location of the place, Falcon's Ache, on your world map.

After you remove the humans, either through diplomacy or by tricking them into attacking you, Raven will let you in to see the Silver Lady. Ask the Silver Lady about yourself, the Black Mountain Clan, and M'in Gorad, but be prepared for some confusing, non-helpful answers. 

However, when you return outside and talk to Raven again, you'll get some advice about where to go next. Raven will tell you that M'in Gorad might be a dark elf name, and she'll suggest you seek out Dr. Renford A. Terwilliger in Tarant, because Terwilliger once visited the home of the dark elves, and apparently nobody else knows where they're located. 

Terwilliger is dead, but you can find out about him at the Hall of Records in Tarant (either by talking to the clerk or rifling through the file cabinets). You'll learn that Terwilliger wrote a book called T'sen-Ang : Horror Among the Dark Elves

To learn about the book, go to Tarant's library. If you pay the membership fee, the librarian will lend you a copy of Curse of T'sen-Ang, a book about Terwilliger's book. If you read Curse, you'll find out it was written by Kendrick Wales, and that everybody associated with Horror is now dead, except for the owner of the last remaining copy, Victor Misk of Caladon. (If you can't afford to or don't want to pay the library's hefty membership fee, you can also rob or kill the librarian to get Wales' book.) Reading the book will also put Caladon on your world map, and now sea captains will be willing to take you there. 

After visiting T'sen-Ang , you should return to Raven to let her know what you found out. She'll suggest you talk to the Silver Lady again, and the Silver Lady will say, "Your answer lies with Nasrudin ." Upon relating that information back to Raven , Raven will suggest that you go to Caladon to visit the First Panarii Temple, and she'll offer to join you. Raven is a level 32 bow expert, and she has knowledge of the water and necromantic white magic colleges. 

8 - Ellumyn[]

Ellumyn will ask you to fetch him some mithril, which you can find at the Wheel Clan. When you return the metal to him, he'll give you Ellumyn's Bow (a faster version of the elven hunter's bow), and you'll also receive 1700 experience. 

9 - Sharpe's Shop[]

not marked on the map but is the hut opposite Ellumyn


A. Exit to ground level.


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