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This is the Quests template. You can cut and paste it into a new or existing page, and then fill in the blanks. See below for examples.

'' "Quote" ''<br>
{{Infobox quest
|name= Quest name
|image= Usually a quest item or quest NPC
|start= Location and NPC giving the quest
|end= Location and NPC giving reward
|subquest= Any optional quests triggered by this quest
|prereqs= Previous quests or status to trigger this quest flag
|location= The general location of the action, can be multiple places
|rewards= Gold, experience, items, bonus stats, followers, etc

Briefly describe what the quest is about

*who and how to get the quest

*Step 1
*Step 2

*Some other location
*A possible [[Sub Quest]]

*How to finish, who to collect from
*What are the rewards

== Notes ==
Will there be any consequences (good or bad) that now need consideration

Categories as appropriate

[[Category:Sub Quests]]
[[Category:Quest Items]]
[[Category:Quest NPCs]]