Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

This quest is given by Raven in Qintarra, and must be completed before you are allowed to speak to The Silver Lady. You need to travel to Falcon's Ache which she marks on your map (1627W 564S), and remove the humans from the area. Raven states that you cannot use violence. Thus you have two options:

  • You might be able to convince the humans surveyors that you work for Gilbert Bates. Don't challenge the surveyors about maps; instead say that Bates is contesting the ownership of the land they're on. They won't want to upset Bates, and they'll agree to leave the area.
  • Otherwise you need to goad the surveyors into attacking you, so that the spirits of the area kill them for you. If you attack the surveyors (or retaliate) then you will be killed as well. So you can use dialogue to get the surveyors to attack, or critically fail on pick pocket, or any other non-violent method to lower their reaction to hatred.

Then return to Qintarra and report back to Raven for your reward, and an audience with The Silver Lady.