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The Repair Skill gives one the ability to repair items that have durability (item HP). This Skill is dependent upon one's intelligence (IN).


  • Repair Apprentice: Reduction of maximum HP's is only 5%


  • This is basically a "Heal" skill for items with durability, and for Mechanical Followers

Modifiers to Repair[]

  • Items
    • None
  • Blessings
    • None


  • If an item has some durability remaining (above zero) then the bulk of its durability can be restored
  • Each Repair attempt reduces the maximum durability of the item by 10% (or less with training, see above)
    • If Repair succeeds, then the bulk of its durability is restored
    • If Repair fails, then max durability is decreased, and no durability is restored
    • If Repair critically fails, then that overrides the benefit of Master Training (see above)
  • If an item is broken (zero durability) then only a Master Repairer can fix it
  • The only Master is Hieronymous Maxim of Caladon, or the player if they complete his quest


  • Investing in this skill increases Technological Aptitude (or decreases Magickal Aptitude)
  • The Junk Dealer in Tarant is special in that he can Repair non-broken items with little to no loss of durability
  • A damaged item (less than its max durability) has an increased chance of critically failing, so there is an advantage to keeping items in good repair