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"Detained he is. King Praetor of Cumbria has thrown him in the pits, he has. He holds the exact location of the device. Rescue attempts have met with no success. Regrettable, it isss. If you were able to rescue him, he would be of invaluable help to you, would he not?"
-K'an Hua, High Priest of the Panarii

"Rescue Tollo Underhill" is a side-quest that is given shortly after the player begins their journey down the Evil Path of the game.




The Pits[]

  • The Pits are a maze roughly under the city
  • Tollo Underhill can be found at point 3
  • Talking to him allows him to join the party as a temporary follower
  • The party can escape by going out the secret passage, regardless of how they entered the Pits



  • If the party finds and rescues Tollo randomly (without being assigned by K'an Hua) then the rewards are still the same
  • The Pits has some interesting loot, so exploring it in its entirety may be a consideration