Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

"Retrieve Azram’s Star from K’na Tha."


Black Root []

  • Clarissa Shalmo can be found in Black Root at one of the local pubs
  • Talking with her reveals that she desires the throwing weapon called Azram's Star, but that current obligations prevent her from retrieving it
  • If the player has any training in Throwing, then she will task the player with obtaining it for her
    • If the player initially says they will think about it, then comes back and says "I will attempt to obtain Azram's Star for you.", she will not mark the location on the map; nor can K'na Tha be found by walking to its coordinates without a marker.

K'na Tha []

  • K'na Tha is found at 1435W, 616S, and it is marked on The Player's World map when accepting the quest
  • It is 6 levels with alternating mazes and puzzles to solve, requiring a ranged weapon
  • There are a variety of monsters that use ranged attack guarding the levels
  • All the doors are locked, requiring maxed Pick Locks, 100MA Unlocking Cantrip, or weapons to destroy the doors
  • Each level must be exited by extinguishing various lit torches
  • Azram's Star can be found in an altar on the sixth level

Black Root (Main Quest) []

  • Clarissa can be found back at the Drop Yer Anchor Pub
  • Giving her Azram's Star results in 4600 exp
  • If the player also has at least 18/20 in Throwing, then Expert and/or Master Training will be given

Black Root (Side Quest - Optional)[]

  • If the player does not have Expert Training and has less that 9/20 in Throwing, then Clarissa will not train them until their rank is higher
  • If the player has Expert Training but has less than 18/20 in Throwing, then this spawns a side quest to Practice Throwing
  • When the player returns with the adequate rank and a 1000 gp fee, then they will receive Master Training
  • They will also receive an additional 1700 exp