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Ristezze Imported Goods is an unusual shop, dealing both in hardware, fancier goods and general items, in Shrouded Hills. It is run by the rather excentric but travelled shopkeeper Ristezze, who likes referring to himself in the third person.


Inside, you can ask Ristezze about the ring Preston Radcliffe gave you at the start of the game (G.B.'s Ring). If you ask who G.B. might be, then ask if anyone in town might know who the ring belongs to, then say the ring was given to you by a victim of a zeppelin crash, and then say you were the only survivor, Ristezze will give you 50 gold. He'll also offer to buy the ring from you for 150 gold. Go ahead and take the money. You don't actually need to keep the ring. In the future you'll simply describe the ring to people rather than show it to them.

Finally, when you ask Ristezze where P. Schuyler & Sons might be found, he'll make you a deal: give him a camera or an item of Bessie Toone's (Bessie Toone's Boot), and he'll give you the information you seek. You can find the camera at the Crash Site and the boot at the Bessie Toone Mine (Exit B). Both objects can be used in later quests, but the boot is the better object to give him. That's because once you give the object to him, it will go into his shop inventory, and the boot is much cheaper to buy back than the camera. When you give the object to Ristezze, you'll earn 1200 experience, and he'll tell you that you can find P. Schuyler & Sons at 44 Devonshire Way in Tarant.

If you don't want to deal with Ristezze for some reason, you can also steal a key from him. The key unlocks the door to his back room. In a cabinet there you'll find a receipt from P. Schuyler & Sons and a map showing the location of Tarant. You can also find a chest in the back room. It contains Ristezze's stock, you can take his gold of what he makes everyday by taking it, then walking outside in between the well and the shop, then wait one day and go back in. its a great way to make good gold for starting out. this works for about all shops.



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