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Jacob Bens in the Shrouded Hills Inn will offer you an opportunity to make some quick money. He will ask you to rob the miners' payroll from the bank and will give you the combination to the safe.


  • Talk to Jacob Bens in the Inn.
  • Enter the Bank and either use Lock picks to open the door to the vault, or bash the door down by force.
  • Or you can get the key from Bank-keeper. Either steal or kill her. But kill her most likely will get you wanted.
  • Click on the safe in the corner and you will find 500 gold.
  • Give Jacob Bens his share of 250 gold or else he will rat you out.


  • 250 gold

Note: You can also bypass Bens by stealing the combination from him.

Note: You can also bypass Bens by reporting him to the Doc after he gives you the combination, and then stealing the gold.