Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

1 - Roseborough Inn[]

Out front you'll find an ancient stone that originally resided at the Ring of Brodgar (#10). It has a series of directions, which, if you map them out, send you generally south and east. 

Inside, if you still have the matchbook from Preston Radcliffe's corpse at the Crash Site , you can ask the innkeeper about it, and she'll tell you the story of how a clean-shaven dwarf appeared at the Ring of Brodgar and then eventually left for Tarant via Caladon. She'll also mention he was intending to see Mr. Razzia in Caladon. This line of inquiry is interesting but not required for any quests

In the main room you can also speak with Jason C. Guy, who has training in technology and magick . He'll tell you that he's in Roseborough to study the Ring of Brodgar, and that he's found that the wards associated with the ring are failing. If you ask him whether he thinks technology or magic will prevail, he'll eventually ask you to find him some ancient technology, to help him prove that technology and magic gain power in cycles. To complete this quest, all you'll have to do is visit the Vendigroth Ruins and then return to Guy. You'll receive 1700 experience. 

Next to Guy you should find Trevor Lynwood, a journalist for the The Tarantian. He'll tell you he's in Roseborough to take a picture of the Lethe Wyvern, but that his one encounter with the wyvern scared him so much he doesn't plan to go back. If you agree to help him, he'll give you his camera, and he'll mark the location of the Lethe Wyvern Sighting on your world map. The Lethe Wyvern wanders around that area, but once you find it you'll only have to take its picture to complete the quest (it's easiest if you put the camera in a hotkey slot). You can also kill the wyvern if you want; it's not as powerful as all the build-up makes it sound. When you return to Lynwood you'll receive 6400 experience and 500 gold for your efforts. 

In the bar you can find a Human male named Frederick who is involved in a certain quest.

Finally, you can do some thieving in the inn. The woman wearing red in the bar has a medallion of beauty. The female innkeeper has an arcane ring. The male innkeeper has a ring of protection. The innkeepers have a medallion of beauty in the locked chest in their room. 

2 - Guard Barracks[]

The Captain of the Guard can be found here. He is instrumental in a certain quest.

3 - Roseborough Gift Shoppe[]

This is just a regular general store. You won't get a conversation option about the book from Victor Misk's grave in Caladon

4 - Chambers Residence[]

If you reunite Adkin Chambers and Lady Druella during the dodge and melee mastery quests, they'll end up here. 

5 - Buckner's Smithy[]

6 - Morgan Residence[]

Inside you'll find Mrs. R. L. Morgan. She's involved in the Pick Locks Master quest, and she won't have much to say to you otherwise. 

7 - Halfling Home[]

Both halflings are wielding daggers of speed

8 - Craig Residence[]

Dr. Edmund Craig is the Backstab Master. 

9 - Cemetery[]

The cemetery is the main reason for visiting Roseborough. You'll find Phillip Misk's (Victor's father's) grave on the northern side, and when you dig it up you'll finally acquire Horror Among the Dark Elves. Reading it will give you the location of T'sen-Ang

10 - Ring of Brodgar[]

The ring was involved in the banishment of Arronax to the Void. You won't be able to do anything with it the first time you visit Roseborough, but later you'll have to come here so you can be banished yourself. But be careful: it's a one-way trip to the Void.


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