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The Ruins of Szabo are located at 1028W 1322S. They are the location of the Bow Mastery Quest, and will be marked on The Player's world map once they've accepted the Quest from Kietzel Pierce.


SB Entrance

  • The Player arrives at Point S in the midst of the ruins' ground level
  • Stairs descend into the chambers at Point A

Level 1[]

SB-Level 1

  • A passage from the Entrance (Point A) leads to the first chamber with Tattered Bowmen guarding a Key at Point 1
  • The next passage leads to the second chamber, with two Bludgeoners guarding a second Key at Point 2
  • The third chamber contains a lit torch at Point 3, whose flame must be extinguished in order to move to Level 2

Level 2[]

SB-Level 2

  • This is one long passage (Point 4) that dead-ends to a second lit torch
  • The guards are more Tattered Bowmen that can either be killed, or bypassed by running to the end
  • Again, this lit torch (Point 5) must be extinguished in order to move to Level 3

Level 3[]

SB-Level 3

  • This is a single chamber containing a chest (Point 6) and three more lit torches
  • The chest contains the Bow of Ecclesiastes and a Ring of Protection
  • Extinguishing the rightmost torch takes the player back to the surface
  • The leftmost torch returns to Level 2, and the center torch returns to level 1

Notable Loot[]